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   Chapter 186 Why Are You Here

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Edward sank into his chair, rubbing between his eyebrows worriedly. He remembered the invitation from Mary, but he wasn't sure whether Daisy would come with him. Then he recalled what she said earlier. He became more anxious. After looking at the clock, Edward abruptly grabbed his car keys and strode toward the door.

"Mr. Mu, are you leaving?" Anna almost bumped into Edward as she was about to knock on the door with a pile of paper in her arms.

"Yes. Anything urgent?" Frowning, Edward stared at the papers Anna was holding.

"No. But the C Financial Group signed the contract. Do you want to have a look?" Anna asked hesitantly. Edward seemed preoccupied, and she had never seen him like this.

"No. I'll look it over tomorrow. Call me if there's anything earthshaking." Edward was a handsome man, and his every move or look was alluring. Women usually couldn't pry their eyes away from him once they saw him. They adored him and longed for his touch. But Anna didn't. She knew that there was no way she could handle Edward.

"Yes, Mr. Mu. I'll see you tomorrow." Anna stepped aside to let Edward pass.

"Okay. Bye." Edward replied calmly. He was satisfied with Anna. She always finished her work, and the quality was top-notch. She was a hard worker. And she knew her place -- she never tried to seduce Edward.

It was afternoon, and it was hot. It felt like the ground was burning up. Edward hated it. He popped into his car and cranked the AC.

After turning on the music, he loosened his tie and tossed it to the passenger side. He loosened the top tw

is morning? Why does he show up then?' Daisy was puzzled.

Luke wasn't too concerned when a vehicle drove out of the base. But he sprang into action as it rolled up next to Edward's car. He didn't know it was Daisy, so he immediately got out of his car and strode forward. It was his job to protect Edward. However, he wondered why Edward would be so uncaring when a strange car stopped near him.

Daisy stepped out of the car as Luke approached. Surprised, Luke paused. He didn't expect to see her.

"Mrs. Mu, It's you. Mr. Mu is..." Puzzled, Luke looked in the windows and only to find Edward was sound asleep, reclining in his car. No wonder he didn't notice Daisy's car. Little hard to do that with your eyes closed in sleep.

"Why are you here?" asked Daisy with a furrowed brow. He must be tired. Edward got up extra early that morning in order to drive Daisy to work. And he drove all the way here again to see her. He didn't call her because he was too tired; he wanted to take a nap before she got off work. At least he caught some z's.

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