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   Chapter 184 The Wound Opened

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"Colonel, what are you gonna do? Another game?" The soldier was hesitant when he saw her bandaged arm.

"If that's what he wants." Daisy always looked down on Hank, so she tried to minimize time spent with him. She just couldn't understand how she had annoyed him, and why he made life difficult for her.

Daisy and the soldier went to the training ground, and the other men were getting beaten by Hank, who challenged them to fight, screaming at them. Daisy was furious when she witnessed this, especially at his arrogant words.

"Well, anyone else? How about your colonel? Think she can take me?" Hank was not that much older than Daisy, but he was insidious. He was intimidating for sure, which was why people thought he was much older.

"Since Hank wants to fight me so bad, I'd look like a wuss if I don't agree." Daisy said coldly with a hint of playfulness, and walked up to Hank. The soldiers immediately perked up. They were excited that their commanding officer might put this bully in his place.

"Don't be so arrogant! You won't be so lucky this time." Hank quipped. He was big and strong, built like other soldiers. Compared to Hank, Daisy looked puny.

"Hah! My victory wasn't by luck. So, you wanna throw down?" Daisy smiled, but her smile was so cold it dropped the temperature in the area.

"We'll see if you were lucky or not." Hank sneered with a cold smile. He always hated this woman. She lived alone with her kid. Why was everyone on her side, even the commander? Wasn't that favoritism? He didn't see anything remarkable about her. And she always pretended to be honorable and confident, which was so fucking disgusting.

"So, how do you wanna do this? Fi

nearly leapt from his chest. He came up to her immediately after the battle was finished.

"OK! I found you. All done?" Daisy didn't look at her wound at all, only caring about the task assigned to Mark this morning.

"It's all done. The military exercises will go well. But, your wound..." Mark said hesitantly, staring at the bloody gauze. There was a trace of worry on his face.

"It's OK. The wound just opened a little bit. I'll let the medic handle it later. Send me home tonight. Get familiar with the route, by the way." Daisy went up to the soldiers. She felt sad when she saw them. They would suffer injuries in training anyway, but being beaten up by someone... It was as if her children had been bullied. Her annoyance at Hank rose like bile.

"Those of you who are okay, back to training. If you got hurt, report to the infirmary. And next time, if you're sparring with someone who wants to hurt you, like Hank, show no mercy." Daisy knew that her soldiers were awesome. But judging by their injuries, they didn't try their best. They'd know not to let Hank intimidate them. They'd know better next time.

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