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   Chapter 183 The Press Conference

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FX International Group was a wealthy and influential company. It had attracted many people. Many people wanted to hop on the FX bandwagon. The scandals had once served a lot of newspapers and magazines, but in the last few months, there had been no gossip because of the sudden change in their CEO's lifestyle. Now that this incident surfaced, the media reporters wouldn't let go of this golden opportunity.

Aaron had anticipated that FX International Group's press conference would be quite spectacular. Yet, he was sweating profusely at the sight of the thick crowd. No wonder the CEO didn't come himself. Aaron was being used as a cannon fodder.

The opening remarks were some hollow words. Now that Aaron was Edward's personal assistant, he needed to answer every question smartly at such an important occasion.

"Aaron, could you please tell us how your company manages the private lives of female artists." It was obvious that the reporter wasn't professional, that's why his question was superficial.

"Our company is committed to creating a comfortable working atmosphere for the artists, not their private lives. Everyone should have their own private space, and the stars are no exception." Aaron smiled faintly with the kind of wisdom and calmness that's normally seen in the top management. Following Edward's commands, he deliberately played tactics.

"Is it true that Mr. Edward secretly keeps a woman in his villa? Does this woman have any relationship with the entertainment industry?" The topic suddenly shifted from the pornographic incident to Edward's private life. They had been probing about this for a few months, as it was relatively valuable news. They were eager to find more from the moment he was exposed as having an illegitimate child. But who knew that he would suddenly refuse to appear in the public, and they had no way to interview, so they too


"What, how did this happen all of a sudden? Why did you mess up with him?" Daisy did not pick up her military cap and ran out quickly. Lieutenant Colonel Hank was quite opinionated. Hank always felt that he had not been rated as a colonel because of Daisy, so he held?a grudge and he kept making trouble for Daisy.

"We did not mess up with him! It was only a friendly match between the two regiments. Who knew that Hank would start his own battle after they lost. There was no match for him! So we lost." The soldier ran beside Daisy and reported in a low voice. How could they know Hank would beat them so hard? They didn't dare to fight with him because of his status.

"How is the situation now, still fighting?" Daisy frowned, a wave of anxiousness appeared on her cold face, and her pace increased unconsciously.

"Yes, he said that he wanted to compete with you." The soldier said slyly and glanced at her. He felt that Hank had provoked today's incident deliberately and his purpose was to let their colonel compete with him.

"What, he still hasn't given up?" Daisy paused for a moment. Last time, Hank had a fight with him because he was not convinced. It was unexpected that Hank provoked the incident again after losing last time.

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