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   Chapter 182 Sounds Interesting

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"Sir, something happened in the entertainment company. The A-lister celebrity Coco wants to see you. She claimed that she was cheated by some unknown rules laid down by the director. She wants an explanation." Anna said with a frown, she wondered why the entertainment company was getting into so much trouble lately. Every issue was challenging in its own way.

"What? When did it happen? Have you stopped the news from spreading? Summon the manager of the company here and ask Aaron to come to my office immediately." Edward loosened his tie and calmly gave the orders. He could easily make sensible decisions and give orders in a systematic way even under such challenging circumstances.

"It happened yesterday. I blocked the news as soon as I got to know about it. And the related online videos have been blocked too. But still, it has caused some sensation. Today's stock market is also getting affected by this." Anna said and raised her head to notice how he would react.

"Okay. Don't care about the stock market now. Do as I tell you. Organize a press conference about the nude pictures scandal to decrease the impact on the public. As for her request for seeing me, just ignore it.

When everything becomes clear after investigation, bring her contract to me, I need to consider well over its renewal."

Edward sneered while twisting the pen in his hand. 'Did she want to see me? She probably thinks too highly of herself. The entertainment company would go well with or without her. There are many other top-tier celebrities out there. She wants to play hardball with us. It seems that she doesn't want to stay with the FX International Group anymore. She is testing my patience.' Edward thought.

"Okay, sir. There is another piece of information that you should know about. Coco is Jessica's cousin." Anna paused and said before she was about to leave. She thought it was n

caught in a dilemma now.

"Oh. You need to call Mr. Rain about this matter. Annie is at his place now. You have to close this as quickly as possible. There are more important things waiting for your attention." Edward raised his eyebrows and looked at him with a cunning expression. 'Tit for tat is fair play. I will not attack unless I am attacked. If I am attacked, I will certainly counterstrike with double efforts. That's my principle.' Edward thought.

"Important things? Sounds interesting. What's so important?" Aaron was curious about his next assignment. He felt excited to know about it. He was looking for a fun and challenging assignment.

"Just do as I told you. I will tell you everything when the time is right." Edward said and waved his hands at him, indicating that he would not reveal his plan yet.

Aaron stared at him thinking. 'Edward is so annoying. He aroused my curiosity intentionally. But he doesn't want to reveal anything to me. It is painfully beguiling. He is so shameless!'

Edward ignored Aaron's sad look and began to work on the files at his hands. 'The game would be spoiled if I have disclosed too much right now. Let Aaron stay curious for a few days. It's a good thing to let him feel involved.' Edward thought.

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