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   Chapter 181 Today Is My Birthday

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5777

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"What? She got hurt? Why don't I remember anything about this? Is it serious?" Annie asked in a state of panic. She wondered what she had done yesterday. And how things got so serious.

"Don't worry, it's a minor wound. It will recover soon. Don't feel so guilty about it." Rain didn't expect this reaction from her. He tried to comfort her. But he didn't intend to hide the facts.

"Really? I don't remember what happened yesterday. How come Daisy was bringing me back?" Annie thought carefully but failed to remember anything. Was it a coincidence that they met in the recreational place? But that was highly unlikely. Annie thought.

"I heard that the bartender had called Daisy. You had her card with you." said Rain. He reached out his hands and held her cold hands with some hesitation. Annie turned stiff by his action. His big hands were quite warm. The warmth was like an electric current that shocked her into numbness. Her heart was beating faster. She glanced furtively at his handsome face. She knew she would be mesmerized by his charming face under any circumstances.

"Oh! Is Edward angry with me?" asked Annie Thinking of this attractive and handsome man, Annie seemed a little wavering with her question.

"No, he's not that mean." Rain pursed his lips and said. Edward was not angry with Annie, but that didn't mean he was not angry with Daisy. He seemed furious last night. It appeared that he would blow his top any second.

Annie followed Rain downstairs, holding hands. Her long hair and dress swirled, bellowing with the speed of her steps as if she were dancing like an angel who had just fallen from the heaven.

Rain wanted to ask her why she didn't contact him. But when he thought of Aaron'

also invited you to dinner, right? Why don't we take this chance to get together." In fact, Leo had invited Edward only because Mary had asked him to do so. Mary complained that she never got the chance to be alone with Edward. So she came up with the idea of asking her father to invite him. She didn't expect that Edward would refuse. Therefore she had to find another excuse to invite Edward.

"Okay, let me check my schedule first. If I am free tonight, I will come." Edward replied. Since Luke hadn't come back with any information on the investigation. He decided to do the search himself. Nevertheless, their peculiar family intrigued him.

"Okay, Edward, I will be waiting for the good news." Mary got excited because she had secretly checked Edward's schedule beforehand. She knew there were no meetings on his schedule after 4 pm. She was thrilled to hear Edward's words.

"Okay. You can get to work now if there is nothing else. Anna, come in!" Edward said. Since Edward had become used to Daisy's beautiful face without any makeup, he became repulsive to women wearing heavy makeup. It seemed that he had changed his taste in women.

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