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   Chapter 180 Why Am I Here

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 7124

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Rain was such a lonely man when he remained calm in this solitude. He leisurely laid back in his chair on the balcony, with a cup of coffee in his hands, and looked at the beautiful sky above. His eyes seemed to be cold, and distant, but he seemed to be enjoying himself in the quiet of the morning, with the gentle warm breeze blowing over his face.

A tender ray of sunshine touched the beautiful lady's sleeping face, while a gentle breeze came flying through the silk curtain inside the room. Her eyelashes suddenly started to tremble slightly, and her eyes gradually opened. She was unfamiliar with the room's furnishing, but with the vibe in it, accustomed.

She jumped out of the bed and immediately rubbed her forehead. She wasn't feeling well because of her hangover, and curiously looked around her, barefoot. The place was strange to her, but the scent in the air wasn't. She had smelled it before on the man that she loved so deeply that she even sacrificed her individuality. The aromatic rose scent was as glamorous as his charming appearance was.

She stepped forward, and saw the man that she had dreamed of for so long. She saw him laying back in his chair on the balcony, charming her with his laziness. That was the character which attracted her most about him, but why was she really there, she wondered.

She remembered that she had arrived in S City in a rush that night. To surprise him, she hadn't contacted anyone in the FX International Group, and instead had gone straight to his cottage; what she saw there, broke her heart. She knew that it would be impossible for him to keep his celibacy for her during all these years, but she still couldn't believe her eyes.

She was standing outside his cottage, telling herself over and over again that the beautiful lady was just one of his close friends. When she didn't see the woman come out for the whole night, she realized that she was too naive.

She didn't know how she left the cottage; she thought that there were no reasons for her to appear in front of him. For all these past years, she had tried her best to change her personality and hobbie

se it would have been unbearable to even think about the outcome.

"A name card? Oh! Do you mean that beautiful female officer?" Annie suddenly remembered what happened on that day. The world was pretty big, and what were the chances to meet the right person, at the right time? But, at the same time, the world was also pretty small, and what would have been the chances that a small accident would link two people together? 'Oh, she's Edward's wife; no wonder that she drove a luxury car. I had wondered if all the officers in the country have this privilege... No, I don't think so, ' thought Annie.

"Yes. You also know that she's an officer?" Rain seemed a little surprised, probably because he had learned of Daisy's identity just a few days ago. He wondered how Annie could know about this before him.

"Yes, because she was wearing her uniform that day. And the name card she gave me showed that she is an officer, " said Annie. She remembered that she was very curious about Daisy after learning about her position. She didn't know that she was Edward's wife at that time.

"Okay, let's go. Put on your shoes and let's go downstairs to have the breakfast. You can thank her later when you have the time, she got hurt because of you last night, " said Rain. He wondered why she had drunk so much alcohol, making her pass out like that. 'Doesn't she know already that she can't hold her drink?' he thought.

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