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   Chapter 177 Tom And Jerry

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"Aha! Tom, why do you always have sensible good manners?" Leena's joy was immense, and Tom glanced at her, spoiling her even more.

"Daisy, that's all right. Let me have a look at your wound first!" Tom bent over and skillfully undid the gauze; he frowned the moment he saw the wound.

"The wound is a little bit too deep, and it need stitching. Do you want the local anesthesia? It may cause some adverse reactions, but you won't feel any pain." Tom raised his head and stared at Daisy, and waited for her to answer.

"No anaesthesia, thanks. Just close the wound." Daisy was aware of the risks caused by the local anaesthesia, and because the wound wasn't that serious, she had to have only a few stitches done. She could handle the pain easily enough, because she had survived even more painful encounters over the years, both physical, and mental.

"Jerry, can't you give her the anaesthesia without the risks?

*In the animated series "Tom and Jerry", one of the main characters is a mouse named Jerry. Edward calls Tom Qin Jerry. It's painful without any!" said Edward. When he heard that she didn't need the local anaesthesia, he began to feel nervous. His heart throbbed, as if he were the one who had to be stitched instead.

"Aha! Jerry... this name sounds very domineering, but for a gentle and elegant person like you, this kind of name just sounds funny and ridiculous." Belinda couldn't help but chuckle when she heard the nickname.

Duke then pinched Belinda's wrist, and said, "Stop laughing, or he'll get mad at you!" Tom wasn't a weak person, and neither was he easy to be bullied. It was a disaster when he got mad, hence the nickname.

"You thought I was omnipotent?" Tom glanced at Belinda and slightly nodded his head, a gesture that could be regarded as a greeting. He then turned around, and roared at Edward, "Ignore him and let's get started!" Daisy stared at Edward, and because she had no opinion on the matter, she didn't know why Edward was so nervous.

"Daisy, there will be a bit of pain, but I'm sure you'll manage to get through it

sister as soon as he had a wife.

Daisy looked around the quiet living room, feeling uneasy. Hadn't all of them left too fast? And all of a sudden?

On the other hand, Edward didn't have too many feelings or thoughts on them, because he had been already familiar with them.

"Well, now that all people are gone, come my dear wife, and let's deal with our own business!" Edward sluggishly played with some of her lock of hair, and playfully stared at Daisy.

"What business have to be dealt with?... I'm confused. Do we contradict on anything?" Daisy suspiciously frowned, and didn't reply to his words for the moment.

"Are you kidding me? Someone had given me absolute assurance. Do you need me to find a witness for you?" Edward laughed even more gracefully, and while he playfully stared at Daisy, the coldness of his eyes slowly began to seep into his stare.

"Uh! So... Where is Justin going?" Daisy deliberately answered Edward with another question, and tried to guess whether he was angry or not. What trick did he want to play on her?

"Please don't bring Justin in this. He's upstairs, taking a shower, to avoid Leena's continuous harassment. So now you could figure out the reason why Leena was so quiet just now.

Now, please don't try to avoid my question again." Edward clasped his hands together; it was clear that he was eager to hear her explanations.

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