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   Chapter 176 Stop Showing Off Your White Teeth

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"You're always tied up everyday, and I don't want to interrupt your work. Besides, it's nothing serious. Are you angry with me?" While he was talking to Daisy, Edward fixed his eyes on her injured arm. Justin had done a great job with the bandage, and the blood had quickly stopped oozing out of the wound.

He cast a deep look at Justin, who was bothered by Leena, and felt quite grateful to him. Justin had grown to be pretty outstanding, and that was all thanks to Daisy, who was an excellent mother. He wasn't like the other boys of his age, unreasonable and mischievous.

Daisy then remembered Edward furiously yelling at her, and while she slightly became upset, she said, "No, I'm not. I'm not you..."

"Huh! So you're saying now that I'm angry?" Edward stroked her nose, and then affectionately looked at her upset face.

"Are you sure you aren't angry? You shouted pretty loud; the others might think that I may be terminally ill." Daisy unsatisfactorily rolled her eyes, an act that she seldom did, but recently she seemed to be doing it quite often. What had happened to all of her poise and seriousness?

"Daisy, that's just how Edward is; you know he often makes a mountain out of a lousy mole hill. You'll get used to it, " said Duke. He was relieved when he saw Daisy's arm getting wrapped up, and when his mood lightened, he began to make fun of Edward.

"Duke's right. Daisy, don't be afraid of him. Edward is just a paper tiger. His bark is worse than his bite." Rain also returned to his usual self, and as he laughed about it, Annie suddenly mumbled in his arms.

Edward mischievously squinted his eyes, and said, "Don't you have to take Annie home? If you're free, you should go and straighten things out with the entertainment company tomorrow." He might have given Rain a break if he had just remained silent, but Rain had to conti

Daisy, she's injured. And by the way, when did you come back from overseas?" Edward speechlessly rolled his eyes. Why did Tom come here in person? Wasn't he staying abroad and studying new subjects?

"Just now. I had just put my luggage down, when Mrs. Wu called, and I decided to come over. What, you don't want me here? Should I just go home and get you another doctor?" Tom didn't mind Edward's anger at all; he was still that graceful gentleman.

"... Edward, your nemesis is here, and there will be a lot more drama in the coming days." Rain smiled mischievously again, because he didn't have to endure Duke's cold stare any longer.

All of the crowd cast a disdainful look at Rain, because he was gloating too much, and too obviously.

"You must be Daisy. My name is Tom Qin, and it's a pleasure to meet you!" Tom glanced around and then fixed his eyes on Daisy, the one that needed his treatment, and then walked over to her.

Daisy smiled apologetically, and said, "Hello, I'm Daisy, and thank you so much for coming over here! I'm really sorry for having to trouble you!" Tom was another type of handsome man, completely different from Edward and the others. He made people feel comfortable, and happy, when they saw him.

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