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   Chapter 175 Army Dagger NO 65

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Justin ignored Leena's sarcasm, and then carefully untied the plain bandaging on Daisy's arm. When he saw how the wound looked inside, he realized that the injury had been way more serious than he initially thought it was. He said, "Mommy, let's go inside. I'll disinfect your wound first." Justin was more organized, and was also calmer than an adult was. Although he worried about his mom very much, he showed no fear when he saw her deep wound.

The rest of the people followed Justin and walked past Luke like he didn't even exist. Luke shook his head speechlessly, and wondered whether the people were blind or not. Even Rain didn't notice that Luke was holding a woman in his arms. It had tired Luke to hold an adult for such a long time!

When he finally noticed that Luke was holding a woman in his arms, Rain asked, "Luke, who is that?"

"Someone you know." Luke glanced at Rain and left Annie to him, and then Luke turned around and walked towards the direction Daisy went.

"Hey! Wait a minute! I don't know her!" Rain took the unconscious woman in his arms. He didn't recognize Annie at first, because her face had been covered by her long hair.

But when he managed to see her face, Rain's heart began to thump. Indeed, it was Annie! Although he hadn't seen her for a while, he still remembered her face very clearly. He thought that it was strange for Annie to be here, and wondered if she had anything to do with Daisy's injury. Rain frowned when he sensed the strong smell of alcohol coming from Annie. It was obvious that she was unconscious because she was thoroughly drunk.

Inside the room, Justin sat besides Daisy and

you get to know each other?" Edward glanced at Annie and frowned.

Daisy explained to Edward, "I almost hit her on the street several days ago, so I gave her my name card. At the club, she didn't know who to call, and she thought of me."

"Daisy, thank you for bring Annie back. We were looking for her these past couple of days." Rain had always held a good impression towards Daisy, and after this, he respected her even more.

"Why were you looking for her?" asked Daisy. She was doubtful, as she didn't know that the last task that Edward had assigned to Luke was to find out where Annie was.

"Emm... Annie had to represent the C Financial Group and to conduct some business meetings with FX International, but when Luke went to the airport to pick her up, there was no sign of her." Edward told Daisy what had happened, but he couldn't stop looking outside impatiently, waiting for the doctor to arrive.

"Oh! Why didn't you tell me about this when you assigned the task to Luke?" Daisy frowned; she was not happy with the fact that Edward was still trying to hide things from her.

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