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   Chapter 174 Is That The Promise You Gave Me

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5017

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Daisy lowered the car window to let the stench of alcohol out. Drunken people could really stink up a car. A breeze blew softly, wafting the smell away. And she was very curious about her passenger. She thought, ' If I'm right, this must be the third time I've seen her!

The first time, I almost ran her over; then, I saw her wandering lonely on the street. Now I'm picking her up. Every time I see her, she looks sad. She must have quite a story to tell.'

Daisy was driving carefully and smoothly. Then she felt the pain in her arm. She frowned and pondered, 'Is it worse than I thought?'

She then cast a glance at the wound which she bandaged in haste, and found that blood was beginning to flow past the rags. She hoped that the wound would not be so serious as to affect her performance in the military exercise.

As the car entered the villa, Luke came to meet her before the car stopped.

"Mrs. Mu, what happened? You're hurt!" he screamed when he saw Daisy's bleeding arm. 'How did that happen so quickly? She's in the military and skilled in the martial arts. Was she hurt by someone really dangerous?' thought Luke.

"Well! Nothing. It's not serious. Now help me get her out of the car." said Daisy casually. She was not worried about the wound now and she went to open the car door.

"It's her!" said Luke. He was shocked when he saw the woman on the car seat and wondered why she was in Daisy's car.

"What's up? You know her?" asked Daisy eagerly. She wanted to figure out w

fighter, get hurt in such a short time?'

"I'm good. It's just a small cut. Chill out." said Daisy. She smiled apologetically, and thought, 'It's not serious. Let's not make a big thing out of it. I'm embarrassed.'

"Shut up. How can a small cut bleed so profusely?" shouted Edward. He glared fiercely at Daisy who looked all nonchalant with her wound. And he frowned as if he was going to give her a good beating.

"Gosh! Let me see!" said Justin. Instead of being shocked, he looked like he barely cared. He ambled over to Daisy.

And he thought, 'Daddy is making a fuss! Mommy did first aid. The wound is not that serious. She's been hurt like this before a dozen times, maybe more. I'm just glad she's home safe and sound.'

"Excuse me, kid! You're not a doctor." said Leena. She now frowned on everything Justin said. Especially a moment ago when she knew that it was him who had reported her whereabouts to Mr. Cold. She decided it was time to play hardball with this little schemer.

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