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   Chapter 173 Be Sensible And Fuck Off Now

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"Let's see what you can do." Daisy saw them move to attack, and sneered disdainfully. She'd shed her uniform, allowing her to move more freely.

"Huh. You sound quite hot-tempered, pretty. I wonder if you're that hot in bed." There were several of them. There was no way they would have trouble dealing with a woman, he believed. If he was beaten by a woman, he would have no authority in the gang.

"I don't know if it'll be hot, but I will definitely make you scream." Daisy was becoming more vicious every minute. Her sneer shimmered on her face. Her eyes focused on the blowhard. Judging by the deference from the other thugs, he must be their boss.

"No way. You like SM, huh? Then why do we wait? Let's go enjoy ourselves." The lead thug tried to grab her waist, but she dodged, and with a beautiful suplex, she threw the man to the ground.

"You like that?" Daisy looked at him scornfully. The man needed to be taken down a few notches.

"Fuck! You know martial arts! Get her! I must have her in my bed tonight." The boss got up, spat on the floor hatefully, and charged Daisy again.

"You started this. Okay, I'll play with you. I need some 'exercise'." Daisy looked at them defiantly and took their threat as nothing at all. She didn't think they could be tougher than outlaws. After all, even outlaws fell by her hand.

"Don't be too confident, pretty. We outnumber you. I *will* have you." His mouth twisted in an evil sneer. He was already picturing the happy moment

ing blade out of the way. A side kick dispatched the last thug.

Pain surged through her. He still managed to cut her. She berated herself. Mercy for the enemy was cruelty to yourself. She should have kicked them harder, felt the glorious crunch of bone snapping. They wouldn't have been able to fight back.

"What? You still wanna fight? If that's what you want, come on, all of you. If not, get the hell out of here." Daisy' glare made them flee, even the lead thug who attacked her. She seemed invincible. There was no way they could beat her. She managed to survive their boss' lethal attack. And was still up and fighting!

Daisy checked her injured arm. The cut seemed a bit deep. But it was nothing compared to the wound she got when conducting tasks. So she no longer cared about it and heaved that drunk woman into the car.

After they were both in and buckled up, Daisy finally relaxed. With a long gaze at that girl, she started her car and left the City of Night Romance.

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