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   Chapter 172 You're Not Gonna Let Go of Her

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5127

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Finally everyone was at the table. Now they learned that Daisy was quite an excellent cook. She was a beauty in the hall and a chef in the kitchen. And they respected her even more. They all secretly envied Edward's good luck for marrying such a perfect woman.

Daisy excused herself after the meal and went upstairs to work. Edward knew she was quite busy with the upcoming military exercise. Her weary look made him heartbroken, yet he could do nothing to help. The only thing he could do was to give her a quiet working environment and not bother her.

She only just walked into the study and had hardly taken out the files when her phone rang. She frowned. Hopefully nothing had gone wrong, or she would have to stay up late tonight.

"Hello. This is Daisy." It was a strange number, yet still she answered the call. She was still confused, though.

"Hi, this is the City of Night Romance. A female customer is drunk here, we found your card in her handbag. We need you to come pick her up." The voice sounded young and vibrant.

"A female customer? How old is she?" Daisy was puzzled. The women she knew were all downstairs. Who was that woman?

"She is twenty something. Pretty, quiet. And pickled." The young man on the phone said slowly, likely because he was looking at his guest as he described her.

"Quiet and pretty?" Immediately Daisy thought of the girl on the road that morning. Could it be her? And she did give the girl her card. But was there no else to call? Well, she might as well go pick her up. She s

You're all sluts, so quit playing innocent. You're lucky we're paying attention to you. You should be fucking grateful!" With his threat, he also tightened his grip, his face displaying an evil smile of victory.

"Let the girl go. Or I can't be responsible for what happens next." Her cold and cruel voice carried over the loud music and attracted the crowd's attention.

"Talk about luck, new girl's even hotter than this bitch here." Thugs were called that for a reason. Even with a girl as ruthless as Daisy, they'd flirt. They never knew how to behave themselves.

"What? You're not gonna let go of her?" Daisy's cold face turned impatient, scowling at the thug holding the girl. She had a devil's aura -- the crowd shuddered and suddenly got goosebumps.

"Wow. That hottie has a hot temper, huh? That's okay. It's better when they fight back." They moved in on her, hoping to at least frighten her. They wanted to be tigers, waiting to pounce on their prey. They didn't know they were merely jackals instead.

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