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   Chapter 171 He Meant What He Said

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5077

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"What does he mean?" Rain looked at Duke confusedly. He never said Edward was weird, only germ-phobic. How come Edward clapped back like that?

"He meant what he said. Aren't you an educated man? How come you don't understand what he meant?" Rain always seemed like a know-it-all. Duke delighted in his obliviousness just now.

"I only understand what normal people think, not a weirdo like Edward." Rain didn't like being beaten in anything, particularly when it came to intelligence. He would even pretend to win.

"Ugh! Save your pride. You'll admit defeat someday." Duke sneered and dropped it.

"Auntie Leena, stop following me! I give, okay?" Justin ran downstairs, Leena close behind. It seemed they hadn't sorted things out.

"No way! You have to tell me why!" Leena kept riding Justin for an answer. Why did he dislike her? She was too stubborn to give up. She must know.

"Okay, okay. You really wanna know?" Justin asked coolly. As he said this, he suddenly stopped and crossed his arms. He glared at Leena and tried to act cool.

"Yes. Yes I do." They'd forgotten all about Duke and Rain, who were silent witnesses to their conversation.

"You made my mom sad. So I'll make you sad." Justin's reply made everyone blink in surprise.

"When on earth did I make Daisy sad? I have no idea." Leena was surprised. She liked Daisy so much. She never wanted to make her sad.

"Huh! That day you hugged dad. Mom and I saw you." Justin answered angrily, still glowering at Leena. Everyone had been onl

that, have you?" Rain spat out the answer before Daisy could. And he couldn't help his jab at Duke, either.

Edward frowned in confusion. They all knew about it, but why had he never heard of any legendary officer? Had he been that closed off?

"Yeah. It took me by surprise. It became such an urban legend that I wasn't even sure it was real." Duke said, still in shock.

"How come I've never heard of it?" Finally Edward voiced his confusion. After all, he had never heard even the slightest hint of the legend.

"Ha! It's all because of your quirks. You want it dead quiet at FX, not even the bugs dare to make noise. Of course no one told you." Rain liked nothing more than to razz Edward. Everybody in the company knew not to make small talk. You wouldn't just get scolded, but fired.

Edward couldn't deny it. He didn't want any noise at work, so the top floor was always the quietest floor. So it was normal he knew nothing about this. Maybe it was time to relax that rule, if only just a bit.

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