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   Chapter 170 She Has Changed Her Heart

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5270

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Justin's smirk froze when he saw the dramatic change in Duke's attitude. Duke was smiling. 'What is happening? Shouldn't Duke teach Leena a lesson? Why did he suddenly switch his expression to a smile? That's quite unexpected.' Justin thought to himself.

Meanwhile, Edward and Rain were quite calm about Duke's sudden transformation. They knew that Duke yielded to Leena every time. That was Duke----his bark was worse than his bite.

"That's all, uncle Duke? aren't you going to punish Leena with 50 push-ups?" Justin lost his composure. After all, he had tipped off Duke to see Leena get punished. But it was a totally different picture now.

"Why are you concerned with this? Go fly a kite." Leena stared at Justin who was stirring up trouble. She started wondering why Justin was so displeased with her and why did he want to see her get scolded so badly.

"Of course I am concerned with this. I am an impressionable child, if I see Leena get away without any consequences I will follow suit. Therefore, uncle Duke, you can't spare Leena, or one day she would cause bigger problems."

Justin said earnestly, his face exhibiting the coolness and poise inconsistent with his age. He gazed at Duke with his innocent eyes, trying to persuade him to punish Leena.

"LOL." Rain giggled at Justin's words. He was looking forward to seeing how Duke would deal with this problem.

At the same time, Edward restrained his smile and looked at Justin with appreciation. He had never thought that Justin would be the curse of Leena's life. He wondered who between the two wil

decided to ignore Duke and Edward's quips. He knew they were trying to irritate him. His loss of temper would only please them. He would not let them ruin his good mood.

"Ew. You are also well-read man. So you would also be careful with your words? Come on, say something wise." Duke said slowly while laughing playfully.

"The problem is that my wise words may go over your big head. If you don't understand what I say, it's just a wastage of my time."

Rain changed his posture and taunted.

"Keep up your battle of words. I will take a shower first." Edward had had enough. He didn't want to listen to their squabble anymore.

"No way. You still follow the habit of showering? You are a Germophobic, aren't you?" Rain gazed at Edward and joked playfully, his eyes sparkled with curiosity.

"You will never understand the lifestyle of hygienic people. You should focus on making yourself a bit hygienic. Perhaps then you won't find us weird." Edward raised his thick brows at Rain, and then elegantly went upstairs like a true monarch.

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