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   Chapter 169 Call Her Mrs. Leng

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"Bullshit. As far as I know Belinda, she wouldn't follow you willingly. I'm assuming you have played some trick on her. You should be thankful to God that Belinda didn't kick your ass." Edward knew very well that Duke was the kind of man who would go to any lengths in order to reach his goals! So how did he play his typical tricks on Belinda?

"Is it so obvious?" Duke didn't deny Edward's claim, he just gave an evil smile. Edward had seen through him and Duke knew that sometimes it seemed fishier when people try too hard to hide something.

"What do you think?" Edward smiled noncommittally and walked into the house, leaving Duke behind!

Duke stroked his hair in anxiety, he wasn't satisfied with Edward's halfhearted reply. He had no option but to follow Edward to the house.

Leena didn't react much when she saw Rain come in. In contrast, she overreacted when she saw Daisy come in with Belinda chasing after her. Oh my god! She thought. 'Why does Belinda come here? Does that mean Mr. Cold is also here?'

"Belinda, what brings you here?" Asked Leena, with a look of surprise. Belinda was trying to explain something to Daisy.

"I will deal with you later." Belinda glared at Leena and said, which made Leena tremble with fear. She thought: 'Oh my God! Belinda is so aggressive!'

"Daisy. I really wanted to tell you, but I was scared you'll mock me, ok? And I was too embarrassed to tell you immediately. Don't be angry with me, please." Belinda had no time for Leena the troublemaker. The first thing she needed to do was to make peace with Daisy who seemed as cold as an iceberg.

"I am not angry with you. I am just disappointed." Daisy walked straight into the kitchen wi

ld feel this strong cold air, like it was coming from hell. Leena was suffering because of his cold behavior. Her tender heart was hurting.

"I didn't run! I was just out of the country." Leena murmured, with her head down. She was too afraid to look at him.

"Yes! So when you came back you landed here! You couldn't find your home, could you?" Duke snorted. In reality, he was pretending to be angry just to frighten her. His anger had evaporated a long time ago. Duke behaved like this in order to stop Leena from getting out of control in future.

"Hehe! That was because I heard you had just married Belinda. I came here for a couple of days to give you and Belinda some space." Leena sure was a smart elf. From the way Duke spoke to her, she realized that Duke had forgiven her, so she took the golden chance and jumped into her brother's arms. Leena acted like a spoiled child, which always worked on Duke.

"Girl, are you that kindhearted? Huh! Don't try to deceive me. I know all your tricks. Huh!" Duke poked Leena's forehead. He couldn't do anything about her. He could just accept that he had such a cute sister.

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