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   Chapter 168 To Join The Party

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"Haha! Really? You missed me that much?" Leena was surprised at the little boy's smartness. He surely knew what to say when needed.

"Yes, I did! Auntie Leena, you look stunning today. Haven't you noticed that? " Justin sighed in his mind. He had to flatter Leena for his own sake.

"Hmm! Too little too late! I'm not buying it at all." Leena smirked and walked straight into the house. She completely ignored Justin.

"Wait up, auntie Leena! I really mean it!" Justin immediately broke free from his parent's embrace and followed Leena into the house. To save himself from becoming Leena's lifesize doll, he had to change her mind.

Edward and Daisy looked at each other and burst into laughter. With a doting smile, they saw Leena and Justin disappear behind the front door.

"Honey, what happened to your car?" Edward finally noticed the VW POLO parked next to his fancy car.

"This is my car. What's wrong?" Puzzled, Daisy looked at her car and turned back to Edward, wondering why Edward asked the same question as Leena did earlier.

"Is that the car you usually drive around?" Edward's lips twitched. He compared the worth of both cars. He imagined how difficult her life must have been before he came by. He felt sorry for everything she had been through all these years. Saying nothing, Edward just pulled Daisy into his arms and held her as firmly as he could.

"Edward, what on earth are you doing right now?" Daisy tried to push him away. They were standing outside the villa, and Daisy felt embarrassed that people could see them cuddling like this.

"Hold still. I just want to hug you." Pressing his face against her neck, Edward closed his eyes and avariciously sniffed the faint scent of jasmine oozing from her body. That was truly a love potion for him.

Was she busy making ends meet when he drove around in his expensive cars and had fancy champagne at parties? Wa

d desperately cried out in his mind.

"Belinda! Why didn't you tell me you're coming over?" As soon as Daisy saw Belinda and Duke get out of the car, she darted towards Belinda and held her hands excitedly. But then Daisy remembered the fact that Belinda didn't even tell her about her wedding. She was still holding a grudge against Belinda. She shook off Belinda's hands with a sullen face and walked inside without looking at her again.

"Daisy, please wait up! I can explain everything!" Seeing the look on Daisy's face, Belinda knew that Daisy was still mad at her. She knew it was her fault as she didn't tell her best friend about her wedding. Belinda followed Daisy into the house.

"What was that about?" Duke was confused. One minute they were happy to see each other, and the next minute they were mad?

"Girl stuff, I guess. Speaking of which, I am truly impressed, dude! What did you do to win over Belinda?" Edward knew Daisy must be upset because her best friend had been keeping secrets from her.

"What did I do? I'm too charming to do anything." Duke raised his eyebrows and answered arrogantly. He was not stupid. How could he tell others what really happened between him and Belinda? After all, pride mattered more than anything to men.

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