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   Chapter 167 Good Luck With That

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"So what? Big deal! What kind of information can you possibly offer me? Even if you can, I don't care." Jessica was born into a noble family. It was natural that she despised Mary, for she had stepped into the upper class a while ago, and she was a country girl in nature. If she had a choice, she wouldn't even talk to Mary.

"Are you sure? Then don't beg me to tell you later!" Jessica was so arrogant that Mary badly wanted to tear her apart. But for the time being there was nothing she could do about Jessica. She could only wish that Jessica would fall into her trap.

"Me begging you? I'm not playing. Good bye." Jessica sneered, 'Mary, you are not equipped to play with me! Do you think I spent all those years with Edward doing nothing? How would I stand out if I'm not smart? I was the only woman by his side for a reason!'

"Jessica, it's about the woman Edward loves. Aren't you interested? Perhaps you have already given up and you don't want to know who beat you after all!" Mary kept on provoking Jessica. She didn't think that Jessica would still be indifferent after hearing what she said.

"Whatever I want to know, I can find out on my own. I don't need your help." Jessica didn't even look at Mary as she replied dismissively.

"Well, good luck with that! When you find nothing on your own, I hope you'd still be as arrogant as you are right now " Mary stroked her curly hair and smirked at Jessica. She then passed by her and left.

Biting her lip in rage, Jessica seriously wanted to slap Mary. She knew about Mary and her shabby behaviors. However, she didn't do anything to her because Mary never messed

r!" Justin ran out of the house as soon as he saw his parents. Smiling broadly, he threw himself into their arms.

"Hey! Little champ! Don't you see me here? Why didn't you say hello to me?" Leena picked on Justin again. The more Justin ignored her, the more she wanted to tease him.

"Why aren't you home?" He was definitely Edward's son. He asked her the same question his father did. He didn't see Leena all morning and he thought she had gone back home. Why did she come back again? What did she want?

"Hey! Why are you two treating me like this! You don't like me? I was going to say that I'll go home tomorrow, but I've changed my mind! I've decided to stay here for as long as I want to!" Leena grunted and glanced at Edward and Justin, gloating. 'Don't you dare drive me away!' Leena thought.

"Well! Auntie Leena, please don't be serious! I was just joking. I didn't see you all day. I really missed you." Hearing Leena's plan to extend her stay, Justin immediately changed his tone and started flattering her. She couldn't stay here! It would be the living hell for him!

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