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   Chapter 165 What Is Love

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Leena looked up in surprise, trapped in his words. No second chance? She planned to stall for time, but maybe she should re-think it.

The afternoon sunshine streamed in through fluttering leaves and touched Kevin's face. He looked even more dazzling in the radiant sunlight. He leaned back against the tree in silence, his cold eyes fastened on Leena's tightly furrowed little face. He waited for her final answer.

"OK. If I don't show up that day, that means my answer is no. But If I do show up, we can be married, and I get all the freedom you promised." Leena wasn't like other girls, who wanted a blissful married life. Instead what she wanted was what most people wouldn't care about or even disdained: freedom.

"You have my word on that." Kevin had no idea if she would come or not, but he granted her request without hesitation.

These two clinched a deal about their marriage in such a short time. Daisy would never have guessed it but when she saw them after work, she could sense there was something odd between them.

"What happened between you two?" Daisy asked as soon as they got into the car. She wasn't the gossiping type and just asked this out of concern. The looks on their faces were too weird.

"Oh… nothing. Sis, whose car is this?" Leena tried to change the subject. She didn't mean to hide anything. She just didn't know how to explain this. And if sis knew it, Edward was going to find out. Soon after that Mr. Cold would get wind of this and then she would be so busted.

"My car. What's wrong?" Daisy had her car sent here by her driver this morning. It

ovely women, throwing them his captivating smile, hugging them passionately, her heart was torn apart and her pride was stripped from her layer by layer.

He was her husband, but she had never received a tender look from him, let alone a fond embrace. She tried to ignore the reports on his playboy lifestyle, even denying she loved him. But she cast her resolution to the winds when she saw Justin, who resembled his father so much.

Finally, she was by his side and caught his attention. She thought everything would be different. But she forgot about Jessica, a woman so stunning even Daisy couldn't take her eyes off her. Jessica stayed by his side for years. Did Daisy even stand a chance?

She pretended to know nothing, hoping he would tell her about Jessica of his own accord. She overestimated her place in Edward's heart. She panicked, and it came out during their loveplay. She kissed him hopelessly like it was the only way to prove he was hers, indulging her every desire for him, making love all night as if only death could tear them apart.

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