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   Chapter 164 Is There A Happy Ending For A Loveless Marriage

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"You don't have to answer now. Take time to think about it. But don't make me wait too long. Your reply will decide whether I stay or leave."

Kevin said. His voice sounded serious. He wasn't joking. He might have even let it go if they hadn't met today. Maybe it was fate that arranged this meeting.

"I don't understand. Why is my reply the deciding factor?" Leena tilted her head and stared at him. She was confused. They barely knew each other. It was too early to talk about stuff like this.

They slept together once, but it was just drunken sex. He was a complete stranger to her before today. It was a little weird for her to hear his sudden but serious proposal.

"It doesn't matter. Do you want to marry me? That's all you need to worry about." Kevin's eyes watched hers. He didn't know a lot about this girl. Maybe this was a bad decision.

She wore designer clothes and accessories -- obviously she was from a wealthy family. His father would be happy about that. But she was very young. Could such a young girl endure the dull life of a soldier's wife? To be honest, he wasn't sure.

"Why should I consider it? Do you really think there is a happy ending for a loveless marriage?" Leena said and wrinkled her little nose. Although joking and laughing all the time, she was very serious when it came to the important stuff.

"Look, give it some thought, okay? This matters a lot to me. Is there a happy ending for us? We can always figure that out after we spend enough time together, right?" Kevin had ulterior motives for this, though. If he and Leena got married, he'd have a good reason to stay in the city. His father would have to abandon h

ust agreed to consider it, and then he set a deadline without her consent.

"OK, the day after tomorrow. But when I get your answer, we marry at City Hall. Agreed?" Kevin asked, smiling wickedly. He was good at the cat and mouse game. Anyway, they would get married in the end.

Leena was instantly petrified at how things had developed so far. This man was a fox! And she had been outfoxed by a fox. In such a short time! One moment she said she would think about it, the next moment he was going to register their marriage. Seriously?

"So, have you decided? What's it gonna be?" Kevin looked down at her face with a lazy smile.

"Is it ok if I choose the later date?" Leena was just stalling for time. At worst if she backed out, he couldn't bother her at home, right?

"All right, I'll be waiting at City Hall that day. Remember to bring all necessary documents with you and If you don't show up, there is no second chance." Kevin deliberately tried to appear decisive and ruthless, cutting off her retreat. He was afraid Leena would get cold feet at the last minute. He would get what he wanted.

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