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   Chapter 163 Would You Marry Me

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5841

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"What do you prefer to be called? Miss Leng? Leena Leng, or Leena?" Kevin teased Leena. They were both drunk the other night. They didn't even bother getting to know each other before jumping into bed. If he hadn't left that note the next morning, Leena would probably never know who she slept with!

"Chief of Staff Gu, Leena Leng is fine." Leena answered reluctantly, curling her lips. 'Miss? Miss your ass! I just had sex with you once, and somehow I'm a "Miss" to you?'

"Chief of Staff Gu? So formal! That's kind of a strange way to get acquainted. Leena... Don't tell me you forgot that night already." Kevin deliberately drew each word out, teasing her. He laughed wickedly. His overly intimate address made Leena's skin crawl.

She couldn't believe it! He was another one of those crooked men! Who said that military people were all serious and stern. Then how could they explain this mischievous, improper man before her? He wore the most solemn uniform in the world while saying the most shameless words.

"Um... So... I had a little extra booze the other night. That's why... That's why I behaved so awfully. Besides, you wasn't in your military uniform. How could I know that I got involved with a major general? You can't hold that against me." Leena remembered that it was she who seduced him that night, and really wanted to cry... Why did he want her to discuss that here, with so many people around?

"Let's go for a walk! Come on! Let's go!" Kevin tried to hold back his laughter, thoroughly amused by the girl. 'And I thought women had an advantage when it came to sex.' And it was her first time, so how did she get it backwards? Why was she afraid that he was going to hold it against her? Kevin didn't know whether she w

y couldn't it be Leena?

"Chief of Staff Gu, um... You're not serious, are you?" Leena asked. 'This can't be real. He's pretty easy on the eyes, and he's got a great career in the military...but I don't want to throw my youth away just for him.' Besides, they just had a one night stand. There was nothing between them. Did he want that kind of shoddy marriage?

"I would never joke about this. I need a wife now, and you lost your virginity to me, I'm willing to be responsible for you."

Kevin said contemplatively. A hint of pain appeared behind his eyes. Although he couldn't promise that he could let Daisy go, he would make sure that he'd never hurt another woman. Once he got married, he would shove his love for Daisy aside. It wouldn't be a disavowal of love, but he simply couldn't afford to love her any more. As a soldier, he had to take responsibility for his actions.

"Well... You really don't have to be responsible for me. Remember who flirted first. It's not your fault." As Leena spoke, she blushed a little. She kept going over it in her mind, but still couldn't believe how bold she was that night. Why did she actively flirt with him?

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