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   Chapter 162 I Can Show Her Around

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6333

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"Ugh." 'That drunken night, and Kevin Gu...' Suddenly Leena's eyes were wide open as she recognized Kevin.

"You... You... You are the..." Leena was going insane. She couldn't believe what she was seeing. The coincidence was absurd. 'He can't be. It's just the same name. That's all.' Leena kept comforting herself. Her initial joy of visiting the base for the first time vanished abruptly.

"Yeah, that was me indeed." Kevin saw the way she reacted. He knew that she recognized him. He smiled at her adorable expression.

"Haha! So, we meet again!" Leena got to know what it meant to shoot one's own foot. She felt she was doing that right now. She didn't want to stay confined in the house and so she planned to visit the military base. Now her curiosity got her into big trouble.

"Oh, you two know each other!" Daisy Ouyang listened to their quick exchange and got the idea. The world was full of surprises. One could run into all kinds of unexpected encounters.

"Haha! We met just once. We don't know each other very well. Sister Daisy, the food here is quite good!" Leena tried to change the subject. She wanted to distract Daisy.

"Yes! It's not bad. You can have more if you'd like." Daisy knew that Leena was purposely steering her away from the subject. But since Leena was reluctant, Daisy didn't push her. After all, everyone was entitled to their privacy.

Kevin smiled coldly. It was true that they met just once, but they were not total strangers. Why would she lie like that? They had already done the most intimate act reserved for husband and wife. And she was saying they didn't know each other well.

Leena was completely focused on her food, but Kevin's eyes occasionally met hers. She was terrified. Leena regretted that she got involved with a major general. And it wasn't just a brief encounter but a night of passionate sex. She didn't even know who he was.

ngly at the girl. It was quite different from her usual aloofness.

"Leena, please go with the Chief of Staff Gu and take a tour! Relax, he's very nice. And he's still single!" Daisy whispered in Leena's ear, giving her a sly look.

"Um... Sis Daisy... What are you talking about?" Upon hearing Daisy's words, Leena's face turned red. She glanced at Kevin in embarrassment, worrying that he might have heard Daisy.

Kevin observed the exchange between the two women in bewilderment. He was curious why Leena suddenly blushed and looked at him so strangely.

Daisy checked out Leena and Kevin once again, feeling that there must be some kind of secret between the two, yet she couldn't figure out what it was exactly. She was baffled, but since she had work, she couldn't get to the bottom of it. Therefore, Daisy decided to leave this matter for now.

"OK, I must go now. You guys have a nice time. Chief of Staff Gu, please take good care of our little sweetheart!" Daisy playfully winked at them and left the canteen, leaving the surprised duo looking at each other in silence. They were both stunned by Daisy's unusual demeanor. Her behavior was uncanny. What happened? Wasn't she known for being cold and indifferent? When did she become so playful?

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