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   Chapter 161 Perfect Man

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On their way, they didn't see many soldiers. Leena was curious about everything.

"Sis, this base is huge. There must be many people here, " Leena asked with her head tilted.

"Yes, there are a few divisions." Daisy didn't answer Leena's question in detail. She thought Leena wouldn't understand.

"Well, how many soldiers are there in a division?" Leena pursued.

"Normally, an army consists of three divisions, a division three brigades, a brigade three regiments, a regiment three battalions, and a battalion three companies. But our army is special. There are four divisions in the army, four brigades in a division, four regiments in a brigade, four battalions in a regiment, and four companies in a battalion. Therefore, there are 16 brigades, 64 regiments, 256 battalions, and 1024 companies all together in the army. Daisy didn't understand why Leena was interested in the number of people.

"Wow, that's a lot of people! How come we have only seen a few of them?" Leena stuck out her tongue and asked again.

"Because it's lunchtime. Most soldiers are having lunch in the canteen." Daisy walked quickly. Leena had to jog to catch up.

"Sis, do you also eat in the canteen?" Picturing tens of thousands of people eating together, Leena got excited again. 'What a scene it will be!'

"Yes. We're on the way to the canteen. My accompanying official will show you around after lunc

Kevin laughed. Since she had forgotten all about that night, why should he care?

"Um, I think I have heard it before, but I don't remember where." Leena tried to recall. The longer she thought about it, the more familiar it seemed. 'How can I not remember such a handsome young officer?'

"Do you need a hint?" Kevin asked, looking at her mischievously. 'We spoke on the phone. Has she forgotten that too?'

"Have you two met?" Daisy looked at them perplexedly. 'That seems impossible. Leena was abroad for years. She has just come back. And Kevin has been in S City for the past few years only. They can't possibly know each other.'



They gave two different answers at the same time. Daisy was confused.

Leena raised her head to look at Kevin. 'Have we met? How come I can't recall this? I have an excellent memory. I wouldn't have forgotten such a handsome man unless I was too drunk to remember.'

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