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   Chapter 160 Is Someone Coming

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"People say no one offers help without any ulterior motive. That makes your act suspicious." Daisy looked at Kevin with her brows raised. There was a hint of slyness in her bright eyes.

"Really? Am I that transparent?" Kevin smiled and thought, 'Since when did I become a cunning person in her eyes?'

"Aren't you? As the chief of my rival unit, you are bribing me in this way. I wonder whether you are trying to mislead me or test me." Daisy knew he meant well. However, she resisted his goodwill, because she cared about her sense of fulfillment too much.

"Colonel, can't you consider this as a personal favor?" Kevin casually crossed his legs with a mischievous look.

"Huh! A wise chief won't be overly concerned about his rival unit. The concern is merely a bait. You are just feigning concern to realize your scheme." Daisy looked solemn as if she had proven that Kevin had an ulterior motive.

"Bravo, Colonel! Your judgment is splendid." Kevin applauded her. "But as an officer, don't you think it's foolish to miss a chance to penetrate into the rival unit?" He continued with a smile.

"If you keep baiting, I won't be so cautious. But if you act like you are up to something at every step, I am not dumb enough to fall into your trap." Daisy sipped a mouthful of water. They seldom argued with each other.

"Haha, "You're much smarter than I thought. I had planned this for a lo

Kevin asked. He wondered whether it was Edward. Kevin still remembered that Edward was quite wary of him.

"Yes. I have to go outside. Can you please bring the food? One extra share. I'll be right back." Daisy shrugged and walked towards the gate. She was worried that tonight she would have to take the files home again.

Kevin looked at her back and wondered who made her leave in such a rush. He thought it must be Edward, as she cared so much about him only.

"Sis, I'm here." Leena ran up to Daisy with a big smile.

Soldiers passed by and saluted Daisy. She nodded and walked towards Leena.

"How did you come?" Daisy wondered, seeing Leena alone at the entrance with no car.

"Luke drove me here. He left, " Leena answered and then held Daisy's arm. Looking at Daisy's pretty face, she couldn't help but think, 'How cool sis Daisy is! Other people like Luke are just playing cool. Nobody can be cooler than sis!'

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