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   Chapter 159 What's The Catch

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Edward burst into laughter to see Rain bolt from his office. 'Was that necessary? All he need to do is call a press conference, and ask representatives of the entertainment company to make a statement. All I asked was to find out the facts, but he just bolted like that.'

Edward noticed the file on the table again. His brows knitted more tightly. Rain had left it there.

"Anna, can you come in, please." Edward had to ask the secretary to handle it.

"Yes, Mr. Edward." Anna knocked on the door before coming in and waited for his instructions respectfully.

"Take this to Mr. Rain and tell him to work on it as soon as possible." Edward handed her the file. It had to be done fast because the war game was just a few days away. The commander had mentioned this was Daisy's best opportunity, so she couldn't afford to miss it. He didn't know that she had lost many such opportunities before, but now that he knew, he wouldn't let it happen again.

"Mr. Edward. The CEO of Ouyang Foreign Trade called to invite you to dinner. What should I convey in reply?" Anna thought, 'Mary and Mrs. Mu are sisters, which means the CEO of Ouyang Foreign Trade is Mr. Edward's father-in-law. This implies that he is supposed to go.'

"No, I won't go. Take a rain check. I'm busy today." Edward turned down the invitation decisively, which was unexpected for Anna. She was curious why he had decided so.

"OK, Mr. Edward. Consider it done. Is there anything else that you'd like me to do?" She didn't pry into i

"Mr. Kevin, you wanted to see me?" Daisy had asked even before she walked in. She was anxious to know why she was summoned.

"Am I only allowed to call you in when something's up?" Kevin smiled wryly and admiringly looked at her beautiful face.

"Of course not. You're my superior. I have to follow your orders." Daisy sat in front of him and scoffed at him.

"Great! Now I'm under the accusation of power abuse. Any other charges? Bring it on!" He laughed abjectly and passed her the file he had been preparing all morning.

"What's this?" she asked, looking at the big file in her hands.

"I know you haven't set the plan for the war game yet, so I did it for you. I hope it helps." He stood up and poured some water for her.

"Mr. Kevin, what's the catch?" Daisy suddenly lowered her voice and doubted.

"What? What catch are you talking about?" Kevin didn't mind her skepticism. If there were a catch, it would be that he wanted to be her only love, which seemed impossible already.

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