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   Chapter 158 Why Me Again

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At FX International Group

"You tricked me yesterday. Annie has never contacted C Financial Group, " Rain glumly said to Edward. He was sitting on the sofa sluggishly.

"Relax, nothing happened." Edward raised his head to glance at him. He then continued with his work.

"Are you sure? Did Luke check everything?" Rain got thrilled to hear that.

"Yes. Everything was clear yesterday." Edward frowned, looking at an application for financial assistance sent by an army group. They were asking a lot, but the amount was just a tip of the iceberg for him.

"Unbelievable! Why didn't you tell me about it til now? I thought about it all night yesterday. Look at the dark circles around my eyes!" Rain jumped off the sofa and stood close to Edward to show him his black eyes.

"You didn't ask. I assumed you wasn't interested." Edward looked at Rain and found that he seemed just a little tired.

"That's because I was too busy entertaining the people from C Financial Group. I didn't have the time to call you and ask. Also, I was afraid to hear bad news." His voice went low with the last sentence. No news was still good news. So he had been avoiding any news concerning her.

Edward laughed. He knew very well that Rain didn't tend on the guests. He was too scared. With Annie's incident, Edward got to know who Rain really was.

"What's your opinion on this matter?" Edward passed him the file and waited for his reply.

"This is a sponsorship plan from some army group. How are we connected to them? Did this come via Daisy?" Rain was con

nditioned office? Moreover, I have to endure his torment too. He's really a ruthless bully.'

"I don't hate being in the sun. I just can't bear the heat. OK?" Edward threw him a glare. His schedule was already full in this month. He didn't have the time for meaningless discussions.

"Huh, what's the difference? You are a hypocrite. You think you are some kind of a prince." Rain shook his head. He looked at Edward disdainfully and wondered how his skin was smoother and softer than women.

"No difference? How about me also assigning you to the scandal of the entertainment company? It's no different from the case you just took over. You are dealing with problems anyway." Edward had been stressed by the entertainment company. He wanted to assign it to Rain.

"No. These are two different cases. You're busy but I also have a lot of work. I need to go." Alas! That was scary. With the reporters and the complaints of the female stars, the gossip would be exhausting. He was smart enough to perceive it and run away from it.

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