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   Chapter 157 A Happy Ending

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4816

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When Daisy came back to her senses, the sensual atmosphere had reached a climax. It was too late to get away now. Daisy cursed herself in her heart, 'Daisy, you're such a dirty horny woman. Why are you always tempted by his sexy look?'

Edward didn't care what was on Daisy's mind. He was completely turned on by her. He couldn't wait to strip off her clothes. But when he reached inside her pajamas and put his hands on her soft breasts, he was surprised. Daisy didn't wear underwear.

"You came prepared." Edward murmured breathlessly in her ear with a cunning smile. 'That saves me the energy of taking them off.' He thought.

"Edward, let go." Daisy pushed hard on his strong chest. All that earned her was a tighter grip.

"Hey, you got me all hot and bothered, and you want to stop?" Edward said while smiling slyly. It was impossible for him to give up this beautiful moment.

"But... We are in the study room." Daisy was still struggling. Justin also lived on the same floor. If he were to walk in... And there was Leena who lived in the guest room downstairs. Leena had a curious mind and was dynamic, often capricious. Daisy was not sure whether she would come upstairs suddenly.

"Yes, I know we're in the study. But what's wrong with it?" Edward looked at her with a mischievous smile. He rested his gaze on her pretty pink face.

"Don't you fear that someone might come in at any time?" Daisy thought herself too stupi

the study was new and exciting. And he'd have to do it again.

Daisy was not as energetic as he expected. She tired quickly. But Edward didn't mind. He was her husband. Edward shook his head and sighed. He helped her get dressed and into the bedroom.

If Daisy knew what was on his mind now, she would give him a good swift kick. Then he'd know her strength, and wouldn't complain about how weak she was. He should feel guilty. It was all his fault.

But on Edward's side, he thought he was very gentle to Daisy. He loved her and cared about her, so he could take what she dished out. He took her to the shower, and they fell asleep together.

The night was beautiful -- stars dotted in the black sky. Their tender love under the night moved heaven and earth. May all lovers be together and have a happy ending.

What Daisy wanted most was to stay with the man she loved. This was all she had hoped for, she must grab it, and hold on for dear life.

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