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   Chapter 156 Throw Herself Into His Arms Or Run Away

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4663

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"Why are you staring at me like that?" Daisy was embarrassed at his gaze. Edward was looking at her with love and desire in his eyes. And staring hard.

"Oh, I just found my wife so attractive, so hot." Edward touched the tip of her nose to show his affection. Actually he wanted to come clean and shared everything he knew with Daisy. But Edward worried that it would cause problems. He didn't know everything himself yet.

"Edward, I've got lots of work to do." Daisy told him. Daisy couldn't control her feelings when she was near her charming husband. She didn't know why. Was it because she loved him even more now? Or was it because she was girlish and giddy while with him?

"Okay, get back to work. I'll leave you alone. I have work to do, too." Edward had agreed to never come between Daisy and her work. He was a man of his word, and did as asked.

She put herself in work mode, not allowing her emotions to interfere. She nodded at him and got to it.

Edward sat down at his desk and continued to stare at Daisy. Her face was cold as ice. Her aloofness was a wall preventing Edward from getting close. 'Why was she so cold to me just now? Did she know who called him? Or is there some other reason?' Edward thought to himself.

Even without looking up, Daisy could tell Edward was staring at her. But she had no time for him. Daisy was an officer, so she had to bear the respo

ed in his arms, the moment when he belonged only to her. Maybe he'd make her sad. Maybe he would run away from her just like before. But all the torture didn't matter, because this moment was worth it. If she had to be a single mom, so be it.

Edward had never been a softie. He always got everything he wanted, whether it was a woman he desired or a deal he had to make. Edward never lost.

He began to care for Daisy, though. He felt sad when Daisy ignored him, panicked when she was silent, and it was hard to breathe when she was cold as ice.

Perhaps Edward didn't know what love was. He was not an emotional man, and didn't want to fall for any woman. But if she could possess his heart, she would be everything to him.

He didn't know why the aloof beauty kissed him, but Edward was a skilled kisser. He developed the kiss into a hot, passionate affair, a way to banish the sense of loss he'd felt the whole night.

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