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   Chapter 155 No One Special

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After what happened earlier, Daisy realized she didn't have much time to review the report. So she took a quick shower and headed to the study. To her surprise, Edward wasn't there. She thought he had work to do. Where was he?

Slightly shaking her head, Daisy thought she shouldn't worry about his whereabouts right now. She had more important tasks at hand. She pulled her desk chair and sat down. She took out the report from her briefcase and started reading.

Her eyes were fixed on the paper. She looked strikingly attractive when she was quiet and focused. There was a mild shade of pink on her face after the shower. She smelled delightful like a gentle night breeze.

A song suddenly broke the silence. Daisy frowned and looked around the room, trying to find the source of the sound. She saw Edward's phone on his desk. Daisy hesitated for a moment. Her gaze shifted between the phone and the report. The phone kept buzzing. Finally, Daisy sighed heavily and stood up.

She reached for the buzzing phone. Just as she saw the name on the screen, her fingers twitched. She almost dropped the phone out of panic.

The call was from Jessica, the woman who had been deemed as Edward's girlfriend by the media for the longest time. Daisy had always envied her for staying by Edward's side. However, she didn't expect to see her name again someday.

Suddenly, her legs became too feeble to stand. She sank into Edward's chair while holding Edward's phone. She hadn't forgotten about Jessica. But Edward and Daisy were having such a good time lately that she chose to neglect the issue on purpose.

What kind of relationship did they share? Lovers? Friends? Or friends with benefits? All options terrified Daisy tremendously. Jessica and Edward had been togethe

Noticing that Edward's eyes didn't leave his phone, Daisy suddenly felt like crying. He did care about Jessica, didn't he? That's why he had that look on his face.

"Well. No one special." Having decided to keep it a secret from Daisy, for now, Edward smiled at her tenderly. He chose not to ask whether she checked his phone or not; he didn't say anything about who was calling him. He knew that sometimes explanations sound like coverups. He would tell her everything after he had a plan.

Daisy froze. He didn't say anything. Maybe he didn't want her to find out that he was still involved with Jessica. She smiled bitterly and thought to herself, 'I am not as important to him as I thought. Maybe he just sees me as a new challenge. He has no feelings for me; therefore he doesn't even care to explain anything to me.'

"Don't you need to call back? Perhaps it's an emergency." Daisy pulled herself together and asked calmly. She was too proud to let him see her tears.

"It's okay. Besides, it's too late now. I'll see to it tomorrow." Edward put his phone back on the desk and strode back to Daisy. He leaned against the desk and fixed his eyes on his beloved wife.

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