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   Chapter 154 Daddy You Are Terrific

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4663

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Edward was shocked to hear what she said. He just came downstairs and found himself being blamed.

"Who said that? Even if my wife is a village girl, she is a beautiful, beautiful village girl." Edward put Justin down and walked towards Daisy. He sat on the sofa beside her. He looked at her playfully and decided to play along with her little game.

"ha ha… But Edward, a beautiful village girl is still a village girl. What's the difference?" Edward tried to get away with it, but Leena wasn't going to buy it.

"Let me tell you what the difference is. A beautiful village girl, like Daisy, is a beauty with brains. And as for the others, they all just goof around and stir up trouble every day." Edward just wanted to coax his wife to end this topic, and he had no qualms about taking Leena as a comparison. He didn't mind that his argument was far-fetched.

"Ha ha! Daddy, you are terrific! You're my hero indeed!" Justin said with a broad smile; he was glad about what had happened. Leena wanted to drag this debate further, little did she realize how cunning Edward was.

"Edward, you honestly think I am that kind of girl?" Leena asked in a feeble voice, feeling guilty. The reason she was afraid of going home was that she had just got herself into trouble.

"Exactly. Well, how long are you going to hide? You know what, I just got to know that someone and Belinda have register

n't promised that it was just a mild aphrodisiac. Her friend had insisted that everything would be fine.

"Give her a break. Everything turned out fine, so let's not get bogged down with the details!" Daisy couldn't stand Leena's weepy face, and she bailed her out. As for Belinda, she definitely had a thing for Duke, or how could she remain so calm after all this happened?

"Sis, I knew you are the best!" Leena got so excited that she went forward and gave Daisy a big kiss, then she defiantly raised her eyebrows at Edward.

The sudden kiss made Daisy's face freeze a little. She felt slightly awkward. That was too intense!

Ignoring Leena's provocation, Edward frowned, he fetched a tissue and wiped Daisy's face thoroughly. Justin was amused by this scene. Dad was getting more and more possessive about mom.

Leena rolled her eyes at Edward. It was just a kiss from Leena, not a man. Could he be more dramatic?

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