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   Chapter 153 Who Is The Guest

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"What's wrong with my manners? Do you have any issues with it? You are my mother. You can't belittle your daughter!" Belinda was irritated. She blamed Duke. 'It is all his fault. Otherwise, my mother won't rebuke me!' Belinda thought.

"Okay. Stop it. We have a guest here. Calm down!" said Zachary. He felt helpless when Belinda and Sherry fought with each other. Women prevailed in this family. he had little say in such matters.

"Guest? Who is the guest?" Belinda said with a sneer. Didn't Duke say that their families were one after the marriage contract came into effect? Then who was her father addressing as a guest?

Duke gently smiled at Belinda's words. As long as Belinda didn't treat him as a guest, it would be easy to proceed. Duke thought.

"Eh. Suit yourself. Certainly, I'm not the guest." After Duke spoke, everyone's attention shifted to him. He felt a little embarrassed.

"Let's eat. The meal is ready." said Sherry. Her eyes got wet. Her daughter has all grown up and was about to leave her. She felt sad about this. But there was someone who would take care of her daughter. Thinking of this, Sherry became less depressed.

"Sis Daisy, can I come to visit the military base?" As soon as Leena finished her meal, she started pestering Daisy. She held Daisy's arms firmly and asked with a soft smile. Daisy felt helpless. 'Oh, this girl is so annoying. She has asked me so many questions since I came back. She has known me for quite some time now, but its difficult to satisfy her curiosity. No wonder Belinda escaped every time she saw Leena. If Leena continued to be so troublesome, I would also want to escape! Let alone the hotheaded Belinda.' Daisy thought.

"Yes, but I wouldn't have time to accompany you." As she was preparing for the military exercises, there were a lot of tasks requiring her attention. So it was impossible for her to en

ng slyly. Justin was a small boy; it was okay for him to be a little naughty. But why was Edward contributing to the fuss? Daisy wondered.

"Sis Daisy, didn't you see? They are mocking us!" Leena said. Her eyes flashed with a cunning look. Justin was familiar with this look. He wondered what she was up to this time.

"Well, what can I say?" Daisy became interested in the subject upon hearing Leena's words. She wondered how she was involved in this matter.

"Justin said that only village girls would consider going to that place. But sis Daisy, you go to the military base every day. Doesn't that mean that you are also a village girl in their eyes." Leena raised her eyebrows and said with pride.'Huh! You will regret mocking me. I will see how you explain yourself now.' Leena thought.

"Mom, She is stirring a dispute between us! Mom, you are the most beautiful female officer in the troop. How can anyone think you are a rural village girl?" Justin realized Leena's purpose as soon as she said it. He immediately explained himself.

"Edward, what do you think? Do you also think that I'm a village girl?" Initially, Daisy didn't mind what they said about village girls. But to satisfy Leena, she let herself get dragged into this fuss.

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