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   Chapter 152 Your Family Has Been My Family

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Belinda was standing outside her house; she had no intention of going in. She had been dawdling away her time at the office after finishing her work. She reluctantly headed downstairs because she knew that the outcome wouldn't be delightful. She had no idea what Duke had told her father. She met Duke the iceberg man over there, he brought a cool feeling to the hot day!

"Belinda, those who know you would think you are going home, but those who don't know you might think you are about to climb the wall." Duke looked at Belinda snidely, because he had never seen anyone hesitate to enter his or her own house. He thought, it's okay for her to embarrass herself, but he shouldn't waste his time standing outside the house like a fool.

"What! Climb the wall? Duke, do you know what that means? Please, don't judge me if you don't know me. People would laugh at me." Belinda said and rolled her eyes impatiently. If her father hadn't said that she couldn't come back home unless she brought Duke with her, she wouldn't have been trapped in this situation.

"Standing outside like this was far more embarrassing than being laughed at by others." Duke gave Belinda a frigid glance, which made her frightened. Usually, Belinda wasn't afraid of anything, but she was scared of his indifference.

"Duke, are you sure you should go inside? Are you confident that my dad won't chase you out ?" Belinda didn't believe in compromising. Although she expected the answer she still had to give it a try. He might have changed his mind.

Duke didn't reply to her instead he went straight inside the villa. He decided not to waste his time standing there discussing the problem. It was much easier to just walk inside. He wondered, is it disgraceful for her to introduce Duke to her family? And hiding was the wor

y daughter's bad temper. You must have known about her temper, I presume. I'm afraid you'll have to bear with her perpetually." Sherry carried herself with elegance and dignity. In comparison, her daughter Belinda was quite weird. Sometimes she felt helpless because of this, but she had to accept it since Sherry had spoiled Belinda herself.

"Mom, what do you mean? Don't you think I have a good personality? Don't you see he put on that poker face all the time? The truth is it's me who would bear with him!"

At that moment Belinda had forgotten what she always insisted. Typically, she didn't entertain the idea of putting herself and Duke together.

Duke smiled slightly and thought Belinda was a hypocrite. The truth was that she had become aware of her new identity, but she still tried to mess up things. This was not like her at all.

"Oh Belinda, just look at you. How could you complain about Duke? You should feel lucky that Duke doesn't disapprove of you." Everyone knew about Duke's good reputation. He was the most eligible son-in-law for the rich wives in S City. Sherry didn't have any high hopes for her daughter. Now that Duke had become her son-in-law, she was on cloud nine.

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