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   Chapter 151 Still Mad at Me

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5696

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Her cold slender fingers stroked his eyebrows, as if trying to flatten the wrinkles around them. Her moist lips got closer and closer, and finally kissed the eyes gazing at her, gently and fervently burning each of his sense organs.

Who will hold my hand, and keep me from going crazy in the rest of my life?

Who will kiss my eyes, and end my drifting in the rest of my life.

Who will caress my face, and soothe the sadness in the rest of my life?

Who will warm my heart, and melt the frost and ice that have been there for half my life?

Who will take me in his arms, and dispel the silence all my life?

Who will awaken my heart, and shield me from a lifetime of pain?

Who will abandon me, and leave me grieving for the rest of my life?

Who can understand me, and make my life worthwhile?

Who can help me, and make me unrivaled around the world for many years?

Who will I fall for, and change my confined world into an immense happy land?

Who will ease my grief, laugh at the absurd world?

You sealed my lips with yours, and freed me from drifting.

You held me close, and erased my craziness in the past life.

I want to hold your hand, and jump into your crazy dream.

I want to kiss your eyes, and be with you in all your lifetimes.

I want to hold your hand, and bravely face hardships together with you.

I want to kiss your eyes, and love you deeply forever.

I want to hold your hand, and you will be mine thereafter.

I want to stroke your neck, and shelter you from storms and wind.

I want to caress your hair, and embrace your deepest feelings.

I want to hold your hand, and let the world know how great we are together.

I pray that you wil

ed off. She hated the attention she and Edward were getting. Edward had to hurry to match her pace.

He frowned. 'Hmm...I'll have to introduce her formally sometime.' He didn't like the attention either.

They bumped into Luke at the entrance of FX International Group. He was getting more and more efficient and had collected some information quickly.

"Mr. and Mrs. Mu, are you going home?" In Edward's presence, Luke always valued manners.

"How's it going? Any good news?" Edward was anxious to know the result.

"According to my investigation, no one prominent has come to the city. No kidnapping of females either." Luke studied Edward's face, trying to figure out why he wanted to know any of this.

"OK. Very good." If what Luke had said was true, Annie should be safe. Then nothing to worry about.

"What's the matter?" Daisy could sense that something was wrong. There was a reason she became a colonel in such a short time.

"Oh, Nothing. We can handle it." Edward just didn't want to worry Daisy, but she took it differently. She felt there would always be a wall between them, no matter how hard she tried.

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