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   Chapter 150 A Spot Check

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4687

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Daisy was quietly reading a magazine on the sofa. She acted casually, ignoring the man who had just chased Rain out the door.

"Woman, do you think this damn magazine is better looking than me?" Edward finally gave up in this tug-of-war, yelling angrily at Daisy, who was cool as a cucumber.

"Oh! Honey, you're done?" Smiling, Daisy looked up, acting surprised. You could tell that something was amiss, a hint of a smile, a cunning glint in the eye. Something... She would not lose against Edward in a game of patience.

"Where did you get the idea that I was busy?" Edward stared at her, irritated. All he had been focusing on earlier was her. Why was she giving him the silent treatment and ignoring him?

"I get the idea from watching you. And you've been ignoring me." Daisy occasionally would act like a pampered woman, and would tease Edward. After all such behavior would be unthinkable in the past. She had to make up for lost time.

"Woman, you ignored me first. Now you're accusing me?" Edward was at Daisy's side in a flash. His hands pressed on the edge of the sofa, cornering her. His brooding eyes locked on hers.

"Hm... I got off work early just to come here." Daisy began to lose her cool. She opened her palms and pushed against him, preventing him from closing in.

"So? Does Colonel Ouyang know that she did something wrong? Is that why she's here? To apologize?" Edward

but now his heart softened. Though his actions were rough before, now they were gentle. His tongue reached past her lips and teeth, twirling with hers. In every touch there was his deep affection towards her.

Edward, no longer satisfied with a kiss, moved his lips down to her beautiful collarbone. He lingered there, gently, lovingly.

The kiss descended while their desire rose. She felt a coldness on her chest suddenly. Daisy woke up from the mesmerizing passion. She held the big hands on her breasts and gently shook her head; her face was crimson.

Frustrated, Edward kissed her again and lightly bit her lips, tightly holding her in his arms. It seemed that he underestimated her power over him. Her pause threatened to kill the mood.

Daisy giggled, her smile pretty and enticing. The coldness was gone. In this moment, all of her grace was blooming ardently for the man. All of her infinite love was only for him.

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