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   Chapter 149 Rain Dare You Touch Her

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 6194

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"Yes, it's me. I hope I am not interrupting your work!" Daisy was accustomed to the surprised look people gave her when they saw her in uniform. Rain's exaggerated expression was normal for her now.

"Wow! I didn't know that you are a female officer!" said Rain. He momentarily forgot about the disturbance that Annie had caused. He gazed at Daisy with admiration. She looked magnanimous in her uniform, he thought.

When Edward saw Daisy appear in his office, he was very excited. But he stopped smiling and pretended to be busy with his work when he thought of her attitude towards him this afternoon. Still, he carefully listened to what she and Rain were talking about.

"Sorry, I never mentioned my profession to you." Daisy apologized. She noticed that she had made many apologies for her identity recently.

"That's all right. I am curious, can I know your military rank?" When Rain met Daisy and Kevin in the bar last time, they were wearing casual clothes. So no wonder Rain was very surprised when he realized that she was a female officer.

"I am a Colonel." Daisy replied while secretly glancing at Edward, who wore a sullen look. 'Is he still angry with me? I have been in his office for a while now, but he hasn't even looked at me.' Daisy thought.

"Miss Daisy, I heard there is a enigmatic young female officer in S City. Is that you? It is said that she is the only one who graduated from JC Military School overseas and she received many international medals. She was the kind of talent that JC Military School wanted to retain. But for some reason, she gave up the privilege and resolved to come back to S City. She worked hard all the way from a common soldier in S City to her current rank as a colonel. She has never accepted any interviews, so she has remained a legendary persona in many hearts. Are you the female officer

rd's hint, and this made him angry. He still bore the grudge against Edward for not giving him the opportunity to shake hands with Daisy.

"Didn't you have plans to entertain the clients from C Financial Group? Or perhaps you don't want to have any relationship with Annie now?" Edward said with a cunning smile. 'Rain, you're too naive to act against me. We are not on the same level.' Edward thought.

"Aaron is there. Besides, Annie is not with them now. It's meaningless for me to be there." Rain replied. He seemed determined to stay. 'I won't go! I will stay here no matter what you say. I want to piss you off!" Rain thought.

"What if Annie has contacted them? Are you sure you still want to stay here?" Edward said. He was so confident that he could win this time and Rain would back off.

"Really?" Rain began to?waver in his decision on Edward's words. But he was not sure whether he could believe what Edward had said. He was a little resistant when he heard that Annie was coming. Rain had forced himself to forget about this matter. Now that he was sure Annie was here, he expected to see her as soon as possible. He was caught in complex emotions. He hesitated about Edward's suggestion. He was really perplexed.

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