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   Chapter 148 Mrs. Mu, What Are You Doing Here

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Daisy managed to finish her work before time, so she decided to leave the military base earlier than usual and take a night off.

The dazzling red Ferrari sped through the military district towards the bustling downtown streets. A smile appeared on Daisy's face as she thought of Edward.

He was the reason why Daisy left office before her assistant for the first time. She wondered whether Edward was still angry with her. Daisy rarely thought about anything unrelated to work.

As the car slowly halted at the traffic signal, Daisy was surprised to see the same woman who was almost hit by her in the morning wandering on the road.

Daisy seldom got involved in mundane matters, but this woman had caught her attention. It was a strange coincidence to come across a stranger twice on the same day. She was caught by that woman's elegance and serenity.

A loud horn from the car behind Daisy's interrupted her contemplation. She forgot that she was in the middle of a busy road. Without more delay, she started the engine and headed towards the FX International Group.

Daisy drew a lot of attention when she turned up in the lobby in her uniform. However, she was detained because no one recognized her as the CEO's wife.

"Excuse me, may I know who you are looking for?" The receptionist looked at Daisy doubtfully, since when

ted their assistants as slaves.

"No need. Thanks." Daisy knocked on the door gently. But to her surprise, no one responded.

At the other side, Edward also wondered why no one entered after knocking. Anna and Rain usually walked straight in after knocking. Who's that?

Daisy sighed and knocked on the door a bit louder.

"Please come in" Edward frowned and looked at Rain doubtfully, wondering who would visit him at this time.

Daisy smiled when she heard his deep voice and then she opened the door.

Edward was leaning on his chair leisurely. But when he saw the olive green uniform, he instantly sat up straight and stared at Daisy with deep affection in his eyes.

"... Daisy is that you?..." Rain was shocked to see a female officer here. But as he gave her another look, he found the face familiar. Therefore, he wanted to make sure that the officer was in fact Daisy.

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