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   Chapter 146 Love Whoever She Wants

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Rain's face changed on hearing Aaron's words. He might be right. Who would wait for someone forever? It was expected for Annie to fall in love with someone else. As the saying goes, 'Time will tell'.

"She can love whoever she wants. It's her own choice, isn't it?" Rain pretended that he didn't care, but it was painful for him.

"Hey, there they are." Aaron stopped talking as he saw employees of C Financial Group approaching them. He felt strange to discover that Annie was missing. 'Has she really met someone and decided to dump Rain?' Aaron couldn't help but wonder.

"Nice to meet you! I'm Aaron Qiao, special assistant to the CEO of FX International Group. Welcome to S City." Observing Rain was distracted, Aaron stepped up and introduced himself. His boss was wise to anticipate this, that's probably why he had asked Aaron to accompany Rain.

"Nice to meet you, too. I'm Ferk, CFO of C Financial Group. This is my personal assistant, Bev."

"Where is Annie? Won't she be joining us today?" Rain asked broodingly. He had mixed feelings. He was nervous to see her, but when she didn't show up, he was scared. The turmoil within him had driven him to such a strong sense of loss that he forgot his manners.

"Mr. Rain, glad to see you again. Miss Annie came here to see you yesterday. Haven't you met her yet?" As a senior employee of C Financial Group, Ferk knew Rain well. He wasn't upset about Rain's unseemliness.

"What? She was here yesterday? How come I didn't see her?" A figure sudd

not as worried as Rain. He had noticed that Annie had changed a lot in recent years. She was not as innocent and sweet as before. She had become a totally different person. He thought it had something to do with the fact that Mr. Rain had left her without saying goodbye years ago.

Rain's posh sports car kept shifting lanes in the traffic. There was stiffness on his handsome face. The charming, tender eyes examined the road. The sensuous lips were tightly closed. The ear studs sparkled and shadowed as if to harmonize with his current state of mind, which was anxious and fretful.

To him, Annie was still an innocent little girl, beautiful and always smiling. Perhaps he had forgotten that time changed many things.

The car drew a sharp curve and parked in front of FX International Group's building. Rain walked in grimly. The female employees were accustomed to Rain's cheeky grins and flirtation; they had never seen him so disconcerted. They suspected something awful must have happened.

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