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   Chapter 145 You Are My Wife Legally Anyway

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"Fuck you! I never signed that document. Duke, this is a marital fraud!" Belinda lost it. How did she become Duke's legal wife without any knowledge of it? She had no idea how it happened.

"Don't get so mad. Leena likes you so much. You'll get along with my family. I am not sure whether you signed it or not. But the fingerprint is definitely yours." Duke quipped. He was seldom in the mood to joke like today. 'I wonder where she learned to swear like that?' he thought.

Then Belinda flipped to the last page to check it. She spotted the mark on her finger during her bath. And the mark on the paper was in the same color. She was set up by Duke. He tired her out last night and then got her fingerprint when she passed out.

"I will never recognize our marriage. It's just your wishful thinking. That's all." Belinda kept denying the validity of the document.

"It doesn't matter if you recognize it or not. You are my wife legally anyway." Duke was quite good-humored today. He was able to handle Belinda's barbs well.

"Duke, don't play with the law. I have lawyers as well. We have a legal team in YS Group." she said loudly. His calm demeanor irritated her.

"Belinda, is it so embarrassing to marry me? Why do you fight it so badly?" Duke finally lost his temper. He was rich and influential, just like Edward. How could Belind

o send me along. Hopefully, what follows next won't let me down.' Aaron thought.

"I can give you some advice, if you want." Humph! Aaron was too green to get the truth out of him. That's why Rain was the deputy CEO, and Aaron only a special assistant. Aaron lacked experience.

"I can get a girl myself." Rain knew Annie liked him, so he was sure that Aaron didn't have a chance.

"It's out of care and love. I just don't want to see you fail considering it will be your first time going after a girl." Rain said mischievously. He always liked joking around. That's the reason why women loved him. As a Chinese saying goes, "Ladies always fall for bad boys." His bad-boy smile had won many hearts.

"Don't worry about me. Save it for yourself. Maybe she already has someone. It's been a long time."

'Humph!' Aaron cursed him. If Annie deserts you, we'll see who gets the last laugh.'

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