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   Chapter 144 My Lawful Wife

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5100

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"It's all your fault." Belinda rolled her eyes. His smile was so annoying. Wasn't he the whole reason that she ached all over?

"Come on. Take my hand." Duke didn't argue with her. It was all his fault. With a doting smile on his face, he gently helped Belinda up.

Belinda didn't push him away, for she couldn't make it to the bathroom on her own. Now that he offered to help, she'd better accept it.

Belinda took a long hot bath to soothe her aching joints and muscles. She felt better after freshening up, but her legs were still weak.

"Come eat something." Noticing that she emerged from the bathroom, Duke put away the documents in his hands and seated her at the table.

"What time is it?" Duke had closed all the curtains in the room, he didn't want the sun to interrupt her rest. Belinda couldn't find a clock -- she had no idea how long she had slept.

"It's one in the afternoon. What's the matter?" Duke looked at her and kept filling the bowl with soup leisurely. He had put on his usual poker face.

"What? One in the afternoon? OMG! What should I do now!" Belinda jumped to her feet in panic. She was to attend the board meeting that morning. Her father would definitely give her an earful.

"Sit down. What's the fuss all about?" Duke frowned and grabbed her arm to make her sit down again. The meeting was probably over now.

"I had a very important meeting this morning." Belinda glared at him. It was all because of him that she didn't go home last night and missed the meeting. She was total

e tossed a big envelope to her. Inside the envelope was the paper he had signed earlier. 'Nothing would happen between us?' Duke thought. 'We have decades ahead of us, and anything is possible.'

"What is it?" Belinda asked hesitantly. Hands shaking, she looked at the envelope.

"See for yourself." Duke raised his eyebrows and suggested her open the envelope.

Belinda murmured in her mind, 'Humph! Trying to be mysterious? I'm not afraid of you.' She shrugged and opened the envelope. Her eyes went wide and her hand flew to her mouth in terror as she saw what was inside.

"What the hell... What is it, Duke? Is it real?" What was going on? How could she be married? Was she dreaming? She couldn't recall signing anything.

"What do you think? It's all here in black and white. Belinda, you are now officially my wedded wife. Aren't you happy?" Duke knew her reaction would be quite interesting. It turned out he was right. He looked at her stunned face again and secretly curled his lips into a smile.

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