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   Chapter 143 Is He Good To You

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5119

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"You're usually on the ball. Why are you so careless today?" Kevin asked with concern. He sat back down, looking at her, smiling. He was with her, and that was all he wanted.

"Maybe I'm too hungry." Daisy said uneasily. Although they often had meals together, she was never so rash as today.

"Did you plan to eat at all? Don't get yourself so tired. You should treat your body well." Kevin was worried. She was usually after him to take care of himself. Now their roles were reversed.

"Yes. I was planning on eating something anyway. You saved me from having to go to the canteen." Kevin was like a brother to her, so she didn't mind him doing things for her. And she always felt she could say or do anything in front of him.

"How are the military exercise going? You ready?" Kevin was also busy, but he never missed a chance to see her. She still had a special place in his heart. He knew there was no way they could be together, but he wouldn't give up on the idea. He was high on the feeling he got when they were together. He just couldn't snap out of it.

"Kevin, are you trying to pry classified info out of me?" Daisy tilted her head and smiled gracefully. Her charm took his breath away. This was the first time he'd seen her smile so sweetly -- it seemed that the man she loved was good for her. She looked happier than she ever had been.

"Is he...good to you?" Kevin blurted out what was on his mind. His voice was clear and distant. He was absent-minded, completely unaware of what Daisy had asked him. The w

please bring some clothes for me?" Belinda asked with a lovely smile. The last time she had sex with him, it was because she was drugged. But what about this time? She didn't take any drug beforehand. It just happened naturally. Didn't she like it? She didn't resist. On the contrary, she was enamored by his seduction and she lost herself in his passionate love.

Duke gazed deeply into her eyes and then handed her a robe. "Shower. You'll feel more comfortable."

He said. He knew that he wore her out last night. He was very angry yesterday, so he had been tirelessly, savagely making love to her the whole night. He ignored her begging and only wanted to vent his anger on her.

He got really angry when he saw her out with another man. He got depressed, and then blew his top.

"Ah..." Belinda put on the robe and tried to stand, but her body was too sore. She cried out, and fell back on the bed.

"Careful" Duke walked over to her and lifted her up. But he was happy. She was exhausted from last night.

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