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   Chapter 142 Honey, Did You Skip Breakfast Again

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Daisy had been busy all morning writing out the exercise programs, training, and investigating the field -- all urgent. She got some water and breathed a sigh of relief, happy to take a break.

She was about to sit down to do more work when her phone rang. She picked it up, without checking the caller's ID.

"Hello, Daisy speaking." She thought it polite to identify herself first when on the phone.

"Honey, did you skip breakfast again?" Edward frowned and asked.

"Hi Edward. I haven't eaten yet. Is something wrong?" Daisy wondered why he called her at this hour.

"Why not? Have you checked the time?" 'The woman has no idea how to take care of herself. She often misses meals. How busy can she be?'

"I have been too busy to eat." Mark was organizing the equipment for the war game, so nobody brought her food.

"You make it seem like you're even busier than I am." Resigned to the situation, Edward sighed. He couldn't help thinking of her at every meal. What was she doing? Had she eaten a decent meal? He was no longer the carefree playboy.

"Do you mean you have too much time?" she asked. Daisy liked to tease him, but she knew her time in the army wasn't all war games, assessments, or field tasks. She might be busy one day, and just doing meaningless work th

Don't worry. Have I ever lied to you?" Kevin rolled his eyes. She used to be so uptight, and only let down her hair in private. She'd changed a lot.

"Then I will get started, " She ate quickly. There were lots of things to deal with. She had to finish up early and get home and deal with her angry husband.

"Slow down. You'll choke." Kevin said thoughtfully. His warning was oddly prophetic, as she began to cough, eyes watering.

Daisy covered her mouth with her hand. She felt embarrassed. Luckily, she was not choking in front of Edward. He would have kept nagging about it.

"Told you so." Kevin poured a glass of water for her and patted her back.

"Thanks. I'm fine now." She felt better after drinking some water. Daisy flashed Kevin an awkward smile, so faint it was almost unnoticeable. Sometimes being too busy to eat was a bad thing.

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