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   Chapter 139 Losing Her Focus

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4304

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"Duke! Let! Me! Go! Why do you bring me here?" Belinda punctuated each word with dramatic pauses. She wanted each word to count. Belinda panicked as she was led away from the restaurant. Straightway she was practically thrown into the presidential suite of the luxury hotel. Her anxiety grew stronger by the second.

Duke did not answer. His handsome face reflected a mesmerizing evil under the colorful lights. A smile swept across his face. 'Are you afraid now? A bit late, isn't it?' Thought Duke.

"What do you think?" Duke chuckled playfully, suddenly pushing Belinda up against the wall. His lanky body closed in as he slowly touched her soft lips with his fingers. It was all so dangerous yet so delightful.

"Well... How would I know?" Belinda answered hesitantly. Inside, though, she was thinking 'My God! The man is a force of nature! How can he be so sinister and sexy at the same time?'

"No rush. You'll know very soon." He whispered. The hot air warming her ear was soon felt by her whole body. Belinda felt her knees get weak.

"I... I don't want to know, is that okay?" Belinda felt like crying, unsure what Duke's motives were. Whatever his motives were, she just wanted to run away. Yet she was already locked in his arms. She couldn't get loose no matter how har

ho was in charge.


Duke's kiss was laced with a hint of anger. He toyed with her tiny tongue mercilessly, leaving no way out. She had crossed him, and he would punish her for it.

Belinda had never kissed anyone. Her conservative beliefs kept her from taking that final step. But she gave in to Duke. If she had her way, she would have wanted her first time to be with someone who loved her deeply. But fate had other plans. Belinda was caught up in Leena's scheming.

She thought she would be devastated, but she wasn't. It was Duke. Maybe Belinda had finally accepted what Leena kept pushing for with the "sister-in-law" moniker? Maybe that's why whenever Leena called her that she was embarrassed, and not disgusted.

"Ahh! It hurts..." Her thoughts wandered, so Duke bit her lip forcefully. That was what she got for losing her focus.

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