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   Chapter 138 You Have No Idea How Shameless I Can Be

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5066

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Belinda was in misery. Her father had set her up on another blind date. If she didn't get herself married soon, her father wouldn't let her off easily.

"Miss Belinda, what do you like to do for fun?" Her date was obviously taken with her. No surprise, since she was a great beauty. He stared at her constantly, like he was trying to take it all in.

"Go to work, come back home, normal life. Nothing special." Belinda answered him coldly. It was a short, clipped answer. She was bored and distracted, and didn't care if he knew it.

"Oh. Then you must be a quiet person." He continued the talk enthusiastically, not even the least bit troubled by her cold apathy.

"I -- a quiet person, who told you that?" She was never a quiet person. She's quiet now because the blind date was boring. She wondered what Duke was doing right now. Shit! Shit! Why on earth would she think of that horrible man? Could it be that she finally got used to being bossed around by him?

"Didn't you say that? Staying home except to go to work, isn't that a quiet person?" The man frowned. 'What's wrong with her? She's gorgeous, and yet still goes on blind dates.'

Belinda rested her head in her hand and sighed. Rotten luck! Why was the man so stubborn?

"Can you explain what you are doing here, Belinda!" The voice was so cold, and so familiar. Her heart jumped in her chest. Duke!

"D… Duke, you… Why are you here?" Belinda stared at Duke, trembling in shock, and finally she managed to spit out a few words. This was th

while for her blind date to regain his voice. He caught Belinda's other hand.

"Let go! And don't make me tell you again." Duke glanced at her hand, now in the other man's. He was disgusted and impatient. He fixed his dark icy eye on the man, who was trying to take Belinda from him. This man needed to know his place.

Duke didn't do interviews, so only a few people knew he was the head of Leng Group, a successful enterprise. He had made outstanding achievements in a short time after he assumed the post.

The man let go of Belinda's hand reluctantly. He wasn't about to pick a fight with this imposing figure. Besides that, Duke didn't seem to be an ordinary man.

Belinda's eyes were filled with anger. Why did he always drive her to this point? And why did she always cave to his wishes? Why couldn't she do what she wanted?

All Duke wanted was to pin Belinda on the bed and teach her a hard lesson. He would make it clear that he meant what he said. Duke couldn't think about anything else.

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