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   Chapter 137 Is Your Uniform Real

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4501

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"Daddy, you smell good." Justin took a deep breath to prove he wasn't lying, but it seemed that he was flattering his daddy.

"Little champ, you must keep on learning something new. Otherwise, how will you take over FX International Group in the future?" Edward wasn't fooled. He had seen through Justin's flattery.

Daisy looked at Edward, wondering whether Edward had already considered Justin as his only heir.

"Honey, what's wrong? Is my face still dirty? Noticing Daisy's gaze, he asked and touched his face.

"Oh, no. You and Justin go downstairs first. I need to wash up too." There were many doubts in Daisy's mind. 'Is Justin his only son? Will I be his only wife?' But Daisy didn't speak her mind.

"OK, hurry up. We'll wait downstairs." At times Daisy's behavior confused him, like that little daze. He didn't know what had caused that sadness. Sometimes he thought they were intimate like lovers, but there were moments when he felt they were strangers who couldn't get into each other's heart.

"OK. Will do." Daisy smiled and went upstairs.

Edward looked at her slender figure. Although she looked great in the army uniform, his heart ached when thinking of how hard she had worked for her present position.

Daisy didn't know what Edward was thinking. When she got into the room, she saw his clothes thrown on the flo

y wished to be put behind bars?

"Yes, it is." Daisy looked at Leena and smiled, enjoying teasing this lovely girl.

"Oh. Goodness! It feels like being hit by lightning." Leena pretended to be fainting. She was about to lean on Daisy but was pulled back by Edward before she could touch her.

"Edward, what are you doing?" Leena was annoyed. She glared at him.

"What do you think? Time to eat." Edward acted innocent. He had done it intentionally. His woman had been working hard all day; he didn't want to see someone leaning on her.

"Hey, don't be so petty! Just a little hug. No big deal." Leena didn't believe him. She knew he just didn't want her to hug Daisy. He could have said it forthrightly. Why bother making up excuses?

"Kiddo, be good. Otherwise, I will call your brother and ask him to take you home." She had seen through Edward, but he wasn't mad, just embarrassed.

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