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   Chapter 136 You Slept Like A Log

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5417

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As the fancy sports car drove smoothly on the road, Edward extended one arm and snuggled sleeping Daisy closer to him, his eyes were shining with affection. He had assumed that Daisy would be too tired, so he got off work early to pick her up.

On hearing the Commander's voice he grasped that the Commander was an elderly man, he also realized that he was terribly misled by Justin the other day. There was no way that Daisy would be attracted to this old man.

All this time he had been wondering whom Daisy loved. Thinking about this drove him mad. This is why Justin was able to take advantage of him with his vague words.

Luke followed Edward's car. He noticed that Edward's care for Daisy was growing day by day. He had never seen Edward go to such trouble for a woman. But he had to admit that Daisy was worth all his efforts.

It was dark when they reached home. Edward smiled lovingly looking at Daisy who was drowned in sound-sleep. The hand against which Daisy was leaning went numb, but he wished she would lean on him like this forever.

He bowed down and kissed Daisy's red lips. He woke her up in such an affectionate way so she could feel his affection for her.

"Well... Are we home?" Daisy opened her lovely eyes and looked around drowsily. She didn't know she was kissed awake by Edward.

"Yes, we're home. You slept like a log. Come on, let's get out of the car." Edward giggled and caressed her nose. He felt the same kind of pleasure that sex brought.

"How come I fell asleep?"

Daisy felt quite embarrassed. She had just shown another one of her antics to Edward.

"Perhaps becaus

e he was naked upstairs? She blushed at the thought of the word "naked". She started picturing Edward's well-built body.

'Wow, Daisy, since when did you become so bad? Why are you thinking about his naked body?' Daisy patted her face in embarrassment. Thank goodness no one could read her mind, or she would be mortified.

"Mom, why do your face turn red all of a sudden?" Justin saw Daisy's blushing face when he came downstairs.

"Well. It's because I am in a hurry. Has your dad finished showering?" Daisy stuttered, trying to cover her "sinful" thoughts.

"Not yet. That's what he always does. He has to take a good, thorough shower before dinner. He's like a germ-phobic prince." After spending several months here, Justin knew Edward's every habit. He used to question the source of his own germ-phobia. Now he knew that it was inherited from Edward.

"Justin, are you speaking ill of me?" Edward heard Justin's wisecrack when he was walking down all clean. He found that Justin was becoming bolder and more fearless. Now he even dared to joke about his own dad.

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