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   Chapter 135 But Why Do I Need To Take The Medicine

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"Not really. I was prepared for the worst. So it's not such a big deal to me. Besides, I am used to it." Daisy smiled with self-mockery. It was hard for her to figure out the rules of the official circles.

"I'm sorry for this. Nevertheless, you still have to do your best in this military exercise. The score will be an essential part of your assessment. What's more, a lot of top leaders will be present on that day. So you must put your best foot forward. There's no room for mistakes. Everyone knows that you're the best!"

The commander heaved a sigh. Daisy always seemed calm about everything. She didn't worry about profit or loss. Probably that's why she had missed a lot of opportunities.

"Yes, Commander. I promise I won't disappoint you." Daisy said with a salute. She felt grateful for the commander's encouragement. His care was comforting to her since she had been estranged from her father.

"Okay. You can go home now. I know you're in a rush. By the way, where is Justin? I haven't seen him for a long time. I miss him." The commander asked. 'Justin is such a smart boy. Whenever we meet, he bargains with me to assign less work to his mother. He is a considerate boy, who share his mother's problems and responsibilities at a such a young age. That's really impressive.' The commander thought.

"I will bring him to meet you after the military exercise is over. These days you're busy with the military exercise preparations." Daisy said with a gentle smile. Talking about her son always made her feel emotional.

"Okay! That's good! Then I will arrange for lots of delicious food for Justin. Otherwise, he would complain." The commander said with hearty laughter. The deep and strong laughter revealed his commanding manner.

"If there's nothing else, I will take your leave now." Daisy said l

her in the car, yet he didn't complain. On the contrary, he was making jokes to please her.

"No. But why do I need to take the medicine?" asked Edward. He looked at Daisy doubtfully, who was smiling slyly at him. He wondered why she asked this question.

"Haha. Honey, you're so amusing!" Daisy laughed. It was the first time that she had laughed so heartily. She unwittingly called him 'honey', which sounded very intimate.

Edward was affected by her happiness. Although he didn't know exactly what made her laugh so loudly, he loved seeing her bright smiling face. At least, she did not look aloof and intimidating as she used to be.

"I am delighted that my stupidity makes you laugh. As you called me so intimately, I have decided to forgive you." At first, he hadn't figured out what she was implying to. But he quickly realized that she had said that to mock him. Usually, Daisy wouldn't call him 'honey' no matter how hard Edward seduced or intimidated her. She always took him by surprise, and he seemed to like it.

"Emm.." Daisy was very embarrassed. She didn't call him 'honey' on purpose. She was too excited, so she blurted it out spontaneously. There were no special intentions behind it.

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