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   Chapter 134 You Are Here

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Under the summer sunset, the suburb looked like a beautiful landscape painting. Even the strong features of Edward's face were blending in the bright colors. With the soft and thin lips lightly closed and the deep eyes looking at the spiraling road, his figure seemed distinguished and elegant.

The posh Lamborghini drew a curve and stopped at the gate of the military base. Edward looked at his watch. His timing was perfect. He wondered whether Daisy had finished her work.

He had exhausted her the night before. She slept quite late in the night, and she woke up at the break of dawn. She had been too busy to eat at the office. She must be exhausted by now. He had left his office early to pick up Daisy, worrying that she might doze off while driving.

"Colonel, time to go home, "

Mark said to Daisy. She should have left for home hours ago. He wondered what was keeping her. The commander was ruthless. How could he assign so much work to her on the first day after vacations?

"Well, soon. You may go now." Daisy's head was still buried in the files. The tiredness was evident on her beautiful face. Maybe it was because of the vacations; she didn't seem to be as motivated as before.

"Colonel, please let me drive you home today.' Mark was worried. Her tired face made him feel more resentful towards the commander.

"No, thanks. I'm fine. You please go home." Earlier, she used to manage to stay awake day and night while on a task. This was a piece of cake for her.

"OK, Colonel. Take care of yourself." Although she had scolded him just this morning, he still worried about her. He knew she was right.


ept Edward waiting, he might get angry again.

"Never mind. I was just teasing you. Are you all set for the upcoming war game? Your performance will be a deciding factor in your promotion next year. And a good performance will save you from worrying about being replaced by someone with a stronger background." He looked at her thoughtfully. She was the best he had ever seen in the army. But sadly, she came from an ordinary family and hence tended to fail in the assessments no matter how well she did.

"Thank you, Commander. I'll do my best. It doesn't matter whether I get promoted or not. I just hope to do my job well." Daisy knew that the commander meant well. But she also knew that she would have to work much harder to get promoted.

"Good. I'm glad you think that way. I assumed you were still unhappy about your failure last time." Although she had more achievements than any of her peers in the army, she had to give up opportunities just because of her unfavorable background. Knowing how hard it had been for her, the commander patted her on the shoulder in approval.

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