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   Chapter 133 Shameless Edward

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5252

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"Daisy, since you have time to make a phone call, how come you don't have time to eat?" Edward scolded her over the phone. He was worried. 'Is this how she takes care of herself? Doesn't she know what time it is?'

"Er... Edward! I think there is something wrong with the phone. I was talking to Belinda. How did you get through?" Daisy checked her phone to ensure that she had dialed the right number. The number was right. Then how come her despicable husband was speaking on the phone? She didn't get it. 'Haha, sounds like somebody is still mad about this morning's hickey' he gloated secretly.

"If I tell you I can hide underground, will you believe it?" Edward answered sulkily, disregarding the spectators. Belinda tried to snatch her phone back, but Duke stopped her. She stood there, looking at him furiously.

"Can you? If you say you can, I'll believe you." Daisy couldn't help but think, 'Damn, what's making him angry this time? And how did he get Belinda's phone?'

"Do you think you would still be able to talk to me so calmly if I could?" Edward replied coldly. He was unhappy, but his wife wasn't afraid of him, and she continued to provoke him.

"Then what?" Daisy stopped working and leaned back in the chair to relax.

"I will throw you on the bed and fiercely teach you a lesson." Edward was indeed atrocious and brazen to say something like that in front of so many people.

Mary raised her head resentfully and thought, 'How can he love Daisy so much when they haven't seen each other since their wedding night? Why are they so intimate?'

want me to disturb Daisy, for fear that she won't be able to finish her work and will stay in the office all night. That's all he cared about. What a noble excuse!'

Mary felt sad and frustrated. She wished that Edward had said those words to her instead of Daisy. 'Daisy, why do you get everything? You have wealth, and you are beautiful. Isn't that enough? How could you marry the most amazing man in the city so easily while I have to rack my brains to get an ounce of his attention?'

Duke held Belinda's hand and followed Edward with a vicious smile. He ignored Rain whose jaw had dropped with surprise.

Belinda glared at Duke and tried to break free but to no avail. She had to give up.

Rain didn't know about Leena drugging Belinda. He sensed something fishy was going on with Duke and Belinda. He laughed weirdly, watching them leave hand in hand.

Daisy looked at the cold food. A smile appeared on her face when she thought of Edward's concern. She reached for the food and decided to eat. Or someone would be unhappy again.

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