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   Chapter 132 We Were Being Impulsive

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Rain looked at Belinda in appreciation and smiled charmingly. Seeing how much she valued friendship, he realized that he had underestimated her before. He had considered her as a bossy and self-centered girl from a wealthy family. What he saw today was unexpected. He cheered her on in heart, 'Bravo Belinda! I like Daisy too.'

"When did I offend Daisy?" said Mary as she looked at Edward as if to check if he still remembered her existence.

"Didn't you? Then why did she slap you?" responded Belinda, without considering the outcome of what she said.

"No way! Belinda, are you sure you are talking about Daisy?" Rain was surprised that a calm person like Daisy would slap someone.

"So, you two have seen each other, " said Edward, sounding irresistible. His handsome face darkened, as he glanced at Mary and Belinda.

Mary had thought that Daisy had disappeared since her wedding night. They had been out of touch with each other, and the private detective failed to find her whereabouts. But now she sensed that wasn't the case. Hearing Edward's words, she looked at the group in panic. Moreover, Edward seemed concerned about her. Mary wondered whether there was something that she didn't know.

"What? Has everyone gone dumb suddenly?" said Edward, brows raised. "Weren't you all speaking continually just now?" Something serious must have happened if Daisy got furious enough to slap someone. He was worried, although he knew she could take care of herself.

Belinda turned to Duke for help. She had forgotten that Daisy fought with Mar

ause I care about you. Besides, I am swamped. I had been in the meeting room the whole morning. I have to do my work even during my holidays. I haven't eaten my breakfast yet!"

Daisy was telling the truth. All the battalions had applied to buy new equipment to enhance their position in the army. The whole morning they had been discussing which battalion should be granted. When the plan had finally been decided, she was given piles of files to deal with, which had kept her so occupied that she wasn't able to squeeze out time for the breakfast Mark brought for her from the canteen.

"What?! It's so late and you haven't had breakfast yet?" shouted Belinda after looking at her watch. "Why are you working so hard?" As soon as she finished that sentence, her mobile was taken away.

"I can't take a break yet. It seems that I will be too occupied to go home tonight, let alone eat." Daisy was still busy with the files while she was talking until she heard the bitter words from the other side of the phone. She was shocked.

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