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   Chapter 131 You Have Got Yourself A New Boyfriend

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 5123

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"Miss Mary, it seems that we keep running into each other a lot recently, " sneered Belinda. She didn't understand why Edward still kept her around.

"You're right. Miss Belinda. It appears that you have got yourself a new boyfriend." Mary raised her eyebrows. Belinda nervously stood in front of the man accompanying her. As soon as Mary saw them, she instantly knew that their relationship was not that simple, so she purposely said those words to cause differences between them.

As expected, on hearing Mary's words Duke gave Belinda an unfriendly look from behind. A minute ago, Duke was glad as he thought that Belinda stood in front of him to stop another woman from staring at him. But now he realized that she didn't do it out of jealousy but to prevent Mary from telling about the other man's existence. He was heartbroken.

Belinda didn't perceive the frosty look from behind and continued to sneer at Mary. "Yes. What? You don't want me to change my boyfriend? Or do you wish to get slapped again?"

"Belinda, you are out of line!" Mary got angry. Every time she saw this woman, she got whacked.

"Am I? I don't think so. After all, I'm not the one who has a thing for her sister's husband!" When Belinda got mad, she didn't spare the other person's feelings. Mary's plan was exposed now.

Rain quickly glimpsed at Mary. Any rational person could see that Mary admired Edward. It was clear to him that the husband Belinda referred to was Edward. Now, he realized that Mary was Daisy's sister and thought, 'A girl

ad become invisible to her. She was preparing herself for anything to happen next. He couldn't help wondering, 'What kind of grudge can be so big that she is willing to disregard her dignity?'

Observing the icy look Duke had in his eyes for Belinda, Mary stopped pretending and decided to make the situation worse for them by saying, "Since you care about so many people, how would I know who you are referring to?"

Belinda stared at her with hateful eyes, and said, "Stay away from Daisy! Otherwise, I will let you know the consequences of messing with me!" 'Starting a glaring contest with me? Game on! I'm way better than you!' Belinda thought.

Hearing Belinda's words, everyone present looked at her, with different thoughts.

Edward was wondering how close Belinda and Daisy were

So that she was willing to protect her at the cost of her own image.

Duke was relieved to know that Daisy was the one Belinda cared about. He couldn't explain it. He just felt that his anxious heart was finally relaxed.

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