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   Chapter 130 Hi! Beauty!

My Wife is an Aloof Beauty By Di Sheng You Yang Characters: 4875

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"Ahhh... It's boiling out there!" Rain shouted loudly while rushing into Edward's office. He snatched the bottle of water Edward had just taken out of the refrigerator and downed it.

"You're early. I didn't expect you till after noon." Edward grabbed another bottle of water from the fridge. He frowned at Rain's messy hair.

"Edward. I'm risking heatstroke out there. It's too hot. We're not enemies. Why are you being so cruel to me?" Rain felt cooler after his drinking. He threw himself down on the big sofa.

"Your hard work pays off. This month's bonus will be nothing to sneeze at. Quit complaining, or you won't get that bonus." Edward glanced at him lazily and sat down in front of the desk. He didn't particularly care that Rain was complaining, but he liked giving him hell.

"No! How can you go after my tiny bonus, boss? You're the CEO. You make so much more money than I do. How can you be so stingy?" Now that Rain recovered from the heat, he started teasing Edward.

"Mr Rain, I am sure that the bonus is just a drop in the bucket to you. If you don't need it, you can donate the money to kids in need. They would be happy to see a new school." Edward thought that hundreds of thousands of dollars was a fair offer for a monthly bonus, and it was greedy of Rain to say it was a tiny bonus.

"Cut it out Edward. If you want to show your kindness, please use your own money." FX International Group spent millions of dollars on charity

elinda and Duke. Last time, they were at each others' throats. But now they're having lunch together? Rain was convinced he'd missed a plot twist somewhere.

"Hey girl!" Belinda greeted him back sarcastically. She always teased him about his extravagant clothing.

"What a lovely coincidence!" Edward winked at Duke. Since when was Duke good at picking up hot girls? It seemed that he won Belinda's heart after all.

Duke snorted as he knew exactly what Edward meant by winking. He and Edward were old friends. They could communicate with just a glance.

Mary was surprised at the top-tier people hanging around Edward. But she knew Duke was different -- he didn't make friends easily, and seemed to push people away with his attitude always.

Belinda noticed Mary staring at Duke, so she intentionally moved between them, even as she tried to make it look natural. She simply didn't like anyone paying attention to Duke. Maybe she cared more than she realized.

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